Britain Bound: Liukin Day 2

Sept. 14, 2011, 6 p.m. (ET)

I continued my London adventures Wednesday with a behind the scenes tour of Buckingham Palace. I viewed the Grand Entrance, the Throne Room, the Gallery, the Ballroom and Kate Middleton's wedding dress before enjoying a tea cake in the garden. I even departed the palace in style, getting a ride out the front entrance in front of thousands of tourists, who pushed up against the gates to get a glimpse of the action.

I also toured the grounds of Wimbledon, the tennis venue for the 2012 Games. As an aspiring tennis player, and friend of tennis player Maria Sharapova, I have great respect for and interest in the game.

I ended the day at a U.S. Embassy reception with Paralympic cyclist Allison Jones, meeting the who's who of London's Olympic community and talking with the attendees about Team USA: Britain Bound.

In my own words:

My most "royal" moment today was: walking out of the front gates at Buckingham Palace

I never knew that: no one can step foot on the grass on Wimbledon's center court except for members

When the Olympics come to town next year: it will be a truly spectacular and royal affair :-)

In the throne room in Buckingham Palace, I could imagine: being the queen!

Three words to describe the Changing of the Guard: structured, royal and official

My favorite part of today was: exploring all the parts of Buckingham Palace and stepping foot at center court at Wimbledon

I was nervous when: I walked out of the front gates at Buckingham Palace in front of thousands people staring

I can already tell that the Olympics next year will: be an amazing event

If i were to pick a movie title for my time in London, i would call it: From London, with Love

Compared to the U.S., Britain is so: proper

As an athlete, I can really appreciate: the commitment to preserving history the British Monarchy displays through its priceless paintings in the palace

I enjoyed meeting: Minister Stevenson and so many great people at the U.S. Embassy event

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