What is the ADM?

The USA Field Hockey American Development Model (ADM) is a guiding framework for players, coaches, umpires, program leaders and fans to get into the sport earlier and stick with it longer. Field hockey is a sport for life, and the ADM provides best principles for age and stage appropriate development on how, what and when we teach, train and play to maximize fun and enjoyment of field hockey. 

Competition for Development

Playing the format that best fits each player’s age and stage of development while using available facilities is the way to attract new participants and inspire lifetime engagement. Small-sided games, indoor, outdoor, full-field, there are so many great ways to enjoy field hockey. Check out all the options, including GAME ON Field Hockey, for guidelines and suggestions for the best way to compete at each level starting with small games and progressing up to full-field.

Core Values

The USA Field Hockey American Development Model is built upon six core values that embody the culture of the sport. When these values are embraced, people will learn the sport better and love it even more.

ADM Aligned Programs to Fuel and Support Growth

90-minute introductory experience


8-hour multi-session program for beginners

2-hour multi-sport experience introducing both field hockey and lacrosse 

An equipment grant program providing sticks, balls and curriculum

Member savings on packages of goal and goalkeeping equipment exclusively for new programs
Fun patches to support Scouts in trying field hockey and supporting Scouts leadership and awards projects 
Programs for schools, recreation centers and clubs to make field hockey accessible and inclusive to diverse and underserved populations.

Free workshops for physical education teachers, professional development days for school district's interested in teaching field hockey as part of their physical education curriculum