Topic 4: "Is this stick shielding?"

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Week 4: "Is this shielding?"

  • If you were the umpire in this situation how do you think you would view this play? All discussions must be specific to the situation and not about the umpire(s) or team(s).

  • Is this stick shielding?

  • Should this be a Penalty Stroke?

  • Is this a simple Penalty Corner?

  • Which foul is the umpire actually calling?

  • What about danger in the aftermath?

"There does not appear anything is intentional on the defense part in the clip. Therefore, a PC appears to be the right decision. The way the attached moved the ball across the circle allows for the defender to play the ball legally. But, a stick interference does occur in the umpires view, thus the PC. Now, the action of the attacker after the play could have been devastating had other players been close by. Assuming the game has been rather calm up to this pint, a verbal warning would be acceptable. If the game was getting tense and some type of warnings have already been issued, then a proper suspension should be applied. All very judgmental." - Steve Horgan, USA Field Hockey's Director of Umpiring


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