Topic 3: "Lifted Ball in the Defense?"

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Topic 3: "Lifted Ball in the Defense?"

  • If you were the umpire in this situation how do you think you would view this play? All discussions must be specific to the situation and not about the umpire(s) or team(s).

  •  Is this a bobble?

  • Is the opponent close enough to be disadvantaged?

  • Could the opponent played the ball?

  • Is this just play on?

"In this scenario, it can be debatable as to whether a player was disadvantaged by not being able to play the ball when the bobble occurred or if the player is not within playing distance and able to play the ball. Rule 9.9 states..."it is not an offense if the ball raises unintentionally off the pitch by less than 100cm (4") unless an opponent is within playing distance" THIS IS A JUDGEMENT OF THE UMPIRE. This specific situation, from this angle, could easily go either way. But, this is why it is important to be consistent in your application of the rules for the whole match. There was only a little reaction from the white player on this "non-call" and the game continued to flow nicely. With just a little variance to a players position or the height of the ball off the pitch could easily have changed the decision of the umpire. Be brave either way and stand on the decision based on the application of the rule and your judgement." - Steve Horgan, USA Field Hockey's Director of Umpiring


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