Topic 2: "Is this obstruction?"

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Week 2: "Is this obstruction?"

  • If you were the umpire in this situation how do you think you would view this play? All discussions must be specific to the situation and not about the umpire(s) or team(s).
  • Is this obstruction?
  • Is the defender actually prevented from playing the ball?
  • Is the attacker intending to use her body?
  • Is this just play on?

"This would and should be expected to be obstruction. The Red Defender (24) after the ball in near the board...attempts to come in for a legal block tackle which is kicked out of the way by the attacker. Just because the attacker has her back toward the defender does not mean that the defender is tackling from behind. As you can see the defender is in position first before the attacker moves forward." - Steve Horgan, USA Field Hockey Director of Umpiring


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