Topic 1: "Drilling or not?"

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Week 1: "Drilling or not?"

  • If you were the umpire in this situation how do you think you would view this play? All discussions must be specific to the situation and not about the umpire(s).
  • Is this drilling?
  • Is the defender set as feet are moving?
  • Is this card worthy?
  • Is this just play on?

"Thanks so much to all who commented on this video. We at USA Field Hockey would expect that this situation and any similar in nature be called as drilling / Danger. At a minimum the free push should be for the white team. This standard of unacceptable attempts to force the ball through a player who is set in a low blocking position should be recognized very quickly in a match and consistent throughout. If this action were to persist a personal penalty would be appropriate." - Steve Horgan, USA Field Hockey Director of Umpiring 

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