All questions, unless otherwise indicated, are answered by Steve Horgan, USA Field Hockey Director of Umpiring. If you have a question, please look through the questions that have already been answered. If your question hasn't been asked, please use this form to submit your question.

Q: As the game clock hits zero, an attacker takes a shot. No horn or buzzer sounds. First, if the clock hits zero before the ball enters the cage - it should not count, correct? Second, if official time is being kept on the game clock, how are the officials supposed to watch the game and the clock at the same time if the buzzer/horn does not sound?

A: If time expires before the ball crosses the goal-line, there is no goal on the play. A horn should sound. Regardless, the umpires are responsible for knowing exactly when time expires.

Q: A player on a fast break takes a chip shot at goal. The ball goes into the cage at shoulder level of the keeper. The call made was that the goal did not count because, according to the umpire, "An attacker cannot 'aim at thejugular'." Is this a real rule in NCAA hockey?"

A: This is not a rule in the NCAA or USA Field Hockey events. The goalkeeper is equipped for protection and must be aware of any shot and react accordingly.