Serena Farmer - Field Hockey Gold Award Project

Growing the Game in Loudoun County, Va.


I have been a Girl Scout since kindergarten, and I have been playing field hockey since I was in third grade, so I thought why not combine the two to complete my Gold Award Project. In my county, Loudoun County, field hockey was not a varsity sport until 2016 when I was a high school junior. Before then it was just a club. The clubs from each high school in the county, including mine, attended school board meetings to push field hockey to be funded as a varsity sport. Even when the school board approved field hockey, there was still a concern that there would not be enough girls to play because they didn’t know what the sport was. In order to raise awareness for field hockey in my county, I put on a free field hockey camp for elementary school girls as my Girl Scout Gold Award project. I asked my field hockey friends to help me run stations, and close adults to supervise. Close to 50 girls signed up for my 2-hour, week long summer camp. Each day I made a new itinerary with different drills and activities, so the girls were exposed to new field hockey skills, and they could play fun games that incorporated what they learned. My goal was to introduce the girls to a new, fun sport at an early age so that they would continue to play all the way until they got into high school. At the end of the week, I gave them information about a club they could play on because I wanted them to continue to play a sport they love just like me. Of course, I could not have done all of that without the help of my high school coaches, my club coach Meg Dudek, and the Shenandoah University Head Coach and my club coach Ashley Smeltzer-Kraft who was also my advisor for the project. With the help of all those people and my friends, we were able to put on a successful summer camp, and completed my goal to share my love of field hockey with young girls.