Gery Schnarrs - Field Hockey Gold Award Project

Growing the Game in Enola, Pa.


I started Girl Scouts when I was in second grade and have been playing field hockey since 5th grade. The first step in the Gold Award process is to pick a topic that is “near and dear to your heart”. Naturally, doing something with field hockey was my first thought. Field hockey had been a small part of our community when I was younger, but had faded in participation over the years. The numbers on our middle school team were dwindling and this decline in participation would  pass on to the high school program if ways to participate and learn about field hockey were not increased. Our community is also limited to few opportunities for children to be physically active as part of a team. This issue particularly bothered me due to the involvement of sports and physical fitness in my life. I think that through working in teams, children learn a lot, which will later shape their social and interpersonal skills in the future. The opportunities for these skills to develop were also lacking.There are many opportunities that I have received in my life due to my young exposure to sports. I saw the issue that these young kids would not get these future opportunities due to a lack of an organization to help guide and shape them from a young age.


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