Region 4 - New York

Region 4 Manager: Wendy Andreatta 

Wendy Andreatta played for the province of Ontario in high school and continued to the University of Connecticut where she was an All American her senior year. Wendy started er coaching journey while at Connecticut and went on to be Syracuse University's graduate assistant. She also spent time coaching at Hofstra University, and Columbia before moving to upstate New York where she has been the head coach at the University of Rochester for 14 seasons.

Wendy has been involved and working with USA Field Hockey since moving to New York. She has coaches Futures sites as well as coaches at the National Futures Championship and Junior Olympic Games.

Wendy lives in Fairport, N.Y. with her husband, David, and their two sons, Owen (14) and Lucas (12). Since picking up a field hockey stick at 14, the sport has played a central role in Andreatta's personal and professional life.

Region 4 is unique as is consists of only the state of New York. It's one of just three USA Field Hockey single-state Regions, along with neighboring New jersey and Pennsylvania. New York has a rich history and tradition of field hockey and is home to many outstanding high school and college programs, as well as clubs that provide year-round indoor and outdoor playing opportunities for boys and girls. This region also has adult and Masters, who compete internationally in the 35+ age groups. From Buffalo to Long Island and everywhere in between, the north and south of field hockey is growing!

Wendy is the main contact for Nexus in Region 4: New York. Athletes, coaches and parents, if you have any questions related to Nexus in New York, please contact Wendy at