Playing the Game

14.  Personal Penalties

14.1        For any offense, the offending player may be:

a            cautioned (indicated by spoken words)

b            warned (indicated by a green card)

c            temporarily suspended for a minimum of 5 minutes of playing time (indicated by a yellow card)
For the duration of each temporary suspension of a player on or off the field, the offending team plays with one less player.

d            permanently suspended from the current match (indicated by a red card).
For each permanent suspension, the offending team plays for the remainder of the match with one less player.

         A personal penalty may be awarded in addition to the appropriate penalty.          

14.2        Temporarily suspended players must remain in a designated place until permitted by the umpire who suspended them to resume play.

14.3        Temporarily suspended players are permitted to rejoin their team at half-time after which they must return to a designated place to complete their suspension.

14.4        The intended duration of a temporary suspension may be extended for misconduct by a player while suspended.

14.5        Permanently suspended players must leave the field and its surrounding area.