Playing the Game
11.  Conduct of Play: Umpires

11.1        Two umpires control the match, apply the Rules and are the judges of fair play.

11.2        Each umpire has primary responsibility for decisions in one half of the field for the duration of the match.

11.3        Each umpire is responsible for decisions on free hits in the circle, penalty corners, penalty strokes and goals in one half of the field.

11.4        Umpires are responsible for keeping a written record of goals scored and of warning or suspension cards used.

11.5        Umpires are responsible for ensuring that the full time is played and for indicating the end of time for each half and for the completion of a penalty corner if a half is prolonged.

11.6        Umpires blow the whistle to:
a            start and end each half of the match

b            start a bully

c            enforce a penalty

d            start and end a penalty stroke

e            indicate a goal

f            re-start the match after a goal has been scored

g            re-start the match after a penalty stroke when a goal was not scored

h            stop the match for the substitution onto or off the field of a fully equipped goalkeeper and to restart the match on completion of the substitution

i            stop the match for any reason and to re-start it

j            indicate, when necessary, that the ball has passed wholly outside the field.

11.7        Umpires must not coach during the match.

11.8        If the ball strikes an umpire, unauthorized person or any loose object on the field, play continues.