Playing the Game
1. Field of Play

The information below provides a simplified description of the field of play.

1.1  The field of play is rectangular, 91.40 meters (100 yards) long and 55.00 (60 yards) meters wide.

1.2  Side-lines mark the longer perimeters of the field; back-lines mark the shorter perimeters of the field.

1.3  The goal-lines are the parts of the back-lines between the goal-posts.

1.4  A center-line is marked across the middle of the field.

1.5  Lines known as 23 meter (25 yard) lines are marked across the field 22.90 meters form each back-line.

1.6  Areas referred to as the circles are marked inside the field around the goals and opposite the centers of the back-lines.

1.7  Penalty spots 150mm in diameter are marked in front of the center of each goal with the center of each spot 6.40 meters (7 yards) from the inner edge of the goal-line.

1.8  All lines are 75mm wide and are part of the playing field.

1.9  Flag-posts between 1.20 and 1.50 meters (1.30 and 1.65 yards) in height are placed at each corner of the field.

1.10  Goals are positioned outside the field of play at the center of and touching the back-line.