Background Checks - Frequently Asked Questions

USA Field Hockey is committed to the safety of all members and those who attend the Regional, National and Sanctioned Events. As part of this commitment, USA Field Hockey conducts  independent background checks annually for coaches, umpires, volunteers and staff to ensure the organization is doing everything possible to make all events and sanctioned activities a fun, safe environment for all.
Individuals serving in the following roles are required to pass a background check processed by SSCI annually before acting in any capacity on behalf of USA Field Hockey:
  1. Coach Members

  2. Umpire Members

  3. Adult Members Coach or Umpire Upgrade

  4. Lifetime Member Coach or Umpire Upgrade

  5. Volunteers and Contracted Workers (non-membership)

  6. USA Field Hockey Employees

All applicants will be notified of the results by email when the screening is complete.
National Background Checks normally take 3-5 business days* to be processed by SSCI. International Background Checks normally take up to 20 business days* to be processed by SSCI.
Screenings may require additional time to request new or corrected information from the original submission. Screenings conducted in the state of Maine also may take several weeks to complete because a clerical search is used rather than electronic. If any additional information is required the screening applicant will be notified via email.