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Behind the Whistle Indoor Scenario: Playing Advantage

Feb. 04, 2021, 11:52 a.m. (ET)

With the New Year beginning, USA Field Hockey is hopeful to get back to playing indoor field hockey and will look to post “Behind the Whistle” scenarios associated with indoor hockey in January and February. The popular “Behind the Whistle” feature is designed to help the entire field hockey community better understand rules and rule application. USA Field Hockey encourages anyone with an Indoor Rules question, video or scenario to please submit it to Submissions will be selected to be featured in upcoming “Behind the Whistle” postings.

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In the video, a player in white/light blue plays the ball off the sideboard which is intercepted by a player in red. The player in red is immediately stick tackled by the opponent. The umpire stops the game for the stick interference.


Should the umpire have allowed play to continue based on the fact that the player in red had full control and possession of the ball?