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Promise Kept, Amar Family Turf

Oct. 27, 2020, 1:43 p.m. (ET)

It was always known that if he made a promise, he was going to keep it – one way or another.


Larry Amar had a vision of installing a turf in his family garage so his children, Riley and Eli, could play at home year round. It has been about 10 months since the passing of U.S. National Teams Manager, but his vision came to life this past weekend with the support of the USA Field Hockey Foundation and AstroTurf.


On October 25, many from the field hockey community, including current and former athletes and staff of the U.S. Women’s National Team, gathered at the Amar residence in Hummelstown, Pa. to continue to celebrate the legacy he left behind. It was also the official ribbon cutting of the Amar Family Turf, a 730 square foot installment that was generously donated from AstroTurf on behalf of the USA Field Hockey Foundation.


“On behalf of the Foundation Trustees, a special thank you to Melissa Vassalotti Twist and our friends at AstroTurf for their incredibly generous donation to the Amar Family,” said Pam Stuper, USA Field Hockey’s Foundation Director. “Their continued support of USA Field Hockey is greatly appreciated and never taken for granted.”


“Without question Larry lived a life of service. As an Olympian he represented our sport and nation at the highest level. Following his hockey career, he served his nation in the military. He then came back to the game as a collegiate and national team coach. Throughout his entire life he served others. We will remember Larry as a man who encouraged us all to reach higher, live stronger and love harder.”


“Larry Amar was a man that stood for service,” added Melissa Vassalotti Twist, AstroTurf’s Director of Field Hockey. “He served for our country in the armed forces, served on the USA Field hockey Coaching staff and worked diligently to serve and support the sport of field hockey. In following with the theme of service. It seemed fitting to do for others just as Larry would have. We are honored to give back to the Amar family and finish the turf project Larry started before he passed away. We know this turf will bring joy to such a well deserving family.”


“Two things that really stood out about Lar are that he loved well, and he served well,” said Abbey Amar, Larry’s wife. “As a [field] hockey community you have collectively loved and served our family in so many ways. All of these are a testament to your love for Lar and in turn a huge blessing to our family. Our hearts are forever grateful for this hockey family.”


Larry’s legacy continues to live on, and so too will his passion for the sport of field hockey through the athletes he has coached, mentors he has inspired, friends and family he has loved, and now more importantly, through his children with the Amar Family Turf. In the words of Larry, “Keep on, keepin' on”.


Larry Amar Stickers and Magnets are still for sale.




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Larry’s step-daughter, Riley, with the assistance of one of Larry’s closest friends and graphic designer, Josh, created this sticker/magnet to honor and remember her father and for others to enjoy. Riley wanted to create something that represented who Larry was and what he stood for, so she drew her idea on a sheet of paper. Larry was a colleague, teammate, coach, manager, veteran and above all, a devoted husband to Abbey and father to Riley and Eli.


All proceeds from the Larry Amar Stickers and Magnets will go directly toward the Larry Amar Family Fund.