USA Field Hockey NEWS Your Backyard is You...

Your Backyard is Your Stage

March 30, 2020, 5:16 p.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - March 30, 2020 - USA Field Hockey is pleased to announce the release of a new game that can played at home, Backyard Field Hockey, presented by STX. Backyard Field Hockey can be played with two or more players and asks you, the players, to collaborate in designing your own game that’s challenging and fun for everyone. So, while you stay at home, grab your sisters, brothers, mom or dad, create your game and play!





Over the coming month four expansion packs will add even more fun to your Backyard Field Hockey games starting with eight brand new Hero Power cards featuring four U.S. Men’s National Team and four U.S. Women’s National Team athletes that will be released next week.


Share your Backyard Field Hockey game using #BackyardFH.

“Play is one tool we have at our disposal to support our overall health and well-being at this time,” said Phil Edwards, USA Field Hockey’s Senior Manager of Coaching and Performance. “Rediscover your backyard even if that ‘backyard’ might actually be your living room right now! Get ‘out’ there and design your own games and challenges, enjoy the space you have to create and find your joy through play!”

“Watching many of the top international players those that played unstructured, backyard-type games tend to be the ones who catch the eye through their creativity and sheer enjoyment of the game,” said Caroline Nelson-Nichols, USWNT Head Coach.


“Making the game was super fun!” added Madison Maguire, USWNT athlete. “It gave my brother, sister and I something fun to do for a good portion of the day. We tried to incorporate as many random things we had in our basement. The broom was definitely the hardest stick to play with!”







Backyard Field Hockey, presented by STX, is inspired by the work of Dave Cohen and Shane Pill and their work in Rugby League. Click here to read more.