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Coach Education & Junior High Performance Coaches Take Part in U.S. Marine Corps Workshop

Feb. 18, 2020, 12:55 p.m. (ET)

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QUANTICO, Va. - February 18, 2020 - USA Field Hockey recently took part in a professional development opportunity organized by the LeJeune Leadership Institute and Marine Corps University in Quantico, Va. Held at the National Museum of the Marine Corps and the Marine Corps Base on Thursday, February 13, the workshop was planned and delivered with the assistance of Paul Brickley, retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, and in conjunction with Craig Parnham, USA Field Hockey’s Director of Coach Education and Learning, and Phil Edwards, USA Field Hockey's Senior Manager of Coaching and Performance.

Special thank you goes to Brickley for making this event possible, and for all he does in supporting the growth and development of field hockey in the state of Virginia and beyond. 
“The Marine Corps workshop was a great insight to see how the U.S. Marines use practice environments to replicate their reality," stated Parnham. "It was a real lesson in decision-making under pressure.”
Additionally, the workshop introduced coaches to how the Marine Corps develops individual leadership traits and skills within the context of a mission and enduring values. Topics also included the emphasis on trust in how to prepare for crisis situations, the "cost of winning" in ethical choices in the battlefield and sports and communication at the friction point, which discussed battlefield leadership by using High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) simulators to replicate making decisions under pressure.

“As part of our ongoing support and development of our Junior High Performance coaches, these opportunities to learn from other high performing organizations provide important moments of learning and reflection that will in turn, help develop our elite player pathway,” added Parnham.

Edwards and Parnham, along with USA Field Hockey's Senior Manager of Coach Education and Learning Liz Tchou participated with several Junior High Performance coaches, including Katie Bam, Rachel Dawson, Martu Loncarica, Jarred Martin, Tracey Paul, Cheri Schulz and Maddy Sposito, as well as USA Field Hockey Coach Educator Victor Brady.

Enjoy the video and thank you to Brickley, the LeJeune Leadership Institute and Marine Corps University.