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USA Field Hockey Expands State Chapters to Include North Carolina & South Carolina

Dec. 18, 2020, 5 p.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - USA Field Hockey is excited to announce the addition of two more State Chapters and leadership teams in North Carolina and South Carolina. These states will join California, Kentucky and Michigan as part of a pilot program of regional representation, which was launched in 2019, designed to support and empower state leaders to promote and develop the sport. State Chapters complement and support USA Field Hockey’s mission to grow the game, serve members and succeed locally and internationally. State Chapters will also play a key role in identifying, recruiting and developing coaches and umpires in addition to athletes, and recognizing the important roles they play in supporting and sustaining growth of field hockey as a sport for all and for life.

This week, the following State Chapter Boards were formed:

North Carolina 
Amy Robertson - President
Miki Osherow - Vice President
Colleen Cassada - Treasurer
Terry Loeb - Secretary
John Marshall - Member At-Large/Liaison
Pam Bustin - Member At-Large
Courtney Hexter - Member At-Large
South Carolina 
Kim Keever - President
Janell Davis - Vice President
Darci Carter - Secretary
Lauren Dailey - Treasurer
Valerie Clarke - Member At-Large

In early 2021, the new State Chapters will fill their Executive Board committee positions, create their respective websites and begin to develop a local strategic plan and priorities.

The formation of State Chapters has been a process. USA Field Hockey reached out to the field hockey community in North Carolina months ago in consideration of the expansion, and connected with Liz Sanders, the Region 7 (Chesapeake) and 8 (South) Regional Futures Manager (RFM), as well as other interested stakeholders in the state.

“We asked for interested volunteers to step forward to take a leadership role in promoting growth and field hockey in their state,” said Sally Goggin, USA Field Hockey’s National Development Director. “Liz suggested that we consider adding South Carolina at the same time, pointing out that community leaders collaborate across state lines regularly. After further discussion with leaders in both states, USA Field Hockey was convinced that adding North and South Carolina as the next State Chapters at the same time was best for the sport given the current landscape and unlimited growth potential.”

Sanders was instrumental in bringing field hockey to the North Carolina State Games while also welcoming residents in South Carolina to participate. She and her fellow field hockey enthusiasts in the Old North State have spearheaded significant growth at the school and club level. USA Field Hockey Member Club Charlotte Ambush, under Director Osherow and her colleagues, has become one of the largest and fastest growing field hockey clubs in the United States. Ambush also partnered with Queens University, under head coach Brandi Alexander, to build and share facilities that serve both the school and club sport community.

USA Field Hockey intends for the structure of State Chapters to help share best practices which will in turn improve collaboration and communication between the national office and those interested in growing and serving the game.

“We could not be more excited about the new North and South Carolina State Chapters or about the leadership teams, and I’d like to thank all of those who have committed to be involved,” continued Goggin. "Each state is so different. North Carolina is home to several of the very best collegiate field hockey programs and large, thriving clubs, and yet high school field hockey is not yet sanctioned by the state. South Carolina is growing fast too, with strong collegiate programs, a high school program and new clubs.”

"I am excited about all the positive things we will gain through the creation of the North Carolina State Chapter, pursuing intentional growth in needed areas and developing a teamwork of allies among all roles and levels of field hockey in our state,” added Robertson.”

“South Carolina has made great strides in growing the game of field hockey in recent years and I am looking forward to building on that momentum with the start of USA Field Hockey’s South Carolina State Chapter,” stated Keever. “I’m excited to be working with a passionate group of leaders who have already made an impact on growing the game in South Carolina. Together we can build a foundation in our state that will sustain the sport we love for years to come.”

Kendra Lucking, USA Field Hockey’s Lifetime Engagement Manager, has played an important role in developing the State Chapter policies and procedures and expanding the pilot program.

“It’s inspiring to see people who have done so much in the sport motivated to give back to help others. We are looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together,” said Lucking.

USA Field Hockey is also working with Florida leaders to begin a State Chapter . Part of Region 8, the Sunshine State, has been home to several large annual USA Field Hockey tournaments and events over the years, such as the Disney Field Hockey Showcase and National Hockey Festival. Additionally, the state has seen a growing number of outstanding clubs catering to boys, girls and adults.

Moving forward, the plan is to assist these six states in becoming established prior to expanding to additional states.

“We have to walk before we run,” commented Goggin. “We view State Chapters as critical to the future of our sport, and we need to make sure our national office can provide the support required for the State Chapters to thrive. Our goal is to work with the six pilot [State] Chapters to assess and optimize our policies, tools and resources, with the goal of continued expansion in 2021 and beyond.”

If you are interested in volunteering to assist the North Carolina or South Carolina State Chapters, please email or