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USA Field Hockey to Partner with BelievePerform Mental Fitness Program

April 28, 2020, 11:55 a.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - April 28, 2020 - USA Field Hockey is pleased to announce a partnership with BelievePerform, the world’s leading online source for mental health and well-being. With the current conditions and high levels of uncertainty across the world, the organization is proud to have BelievePerform supporting members to learn and develop their mental fitness.

This new partnership comes at such a vital time. In the words of Adam Morris, BelievePerform Managing Director: “In the coming months BelievePerform will be developing content that will help athletes, parents and coaches to pragmatically look after their mental health and learn how to deal with adversity. Many of us will be experiencing anxiety, stress and worry, and it is imperative that we take time to apply regular self-care. BelievePerform has a wide range of practical tools and resources that can help you learn how to build positive mental health habits. Thank you, USA Field Hockey, for the opportunity and we are looking forward to seeing what we can achieve over the next year”.

BelievePerform is an online platform that provides member coaches/umpires/adults, athletes/parents and high-performance coaches with high-quality content to help improve performance. The website includes a variety of material which caters to all audiences and includes articles, videos, podcasts and infographics. The website includes a number of online courses and training plans which focus on teaching people applied and practical skills which can help contribute to building positive mental health habits.
“We are delighted to partner with BelievePerform as they provide the highest quality content that includes courses and training plans that are both interactive and engaging for all of our members.” said Craig Parnham, USA Field Hockey’s Director of Coach Education and Learning. “The content is practical and applicable, and I believe it greatly enhances our member benefit package providing fantastic value for the money.”
USA Field Hockey thinks this program will be an immense benefit to players, coaches, umpires and even parents, who clearly have a vested interest in their child’s mental well-being. The tools and resources will provide the skills needed to deal with stress and anxiety on and off the field. Be sure to check out some of the incredible content offered.

As part of the partnership, USA Field Hockey Members get a special discount price to purchase a Mental Fitness Program Upgrade for a reduced price of $25 per year. Click here to learn more.

For Athletes and Parents

Content for both athletes and parents will be combined into one. Purchase one upgrade for the entire family as long as there is one membership. Parents will be provided the right tools to support their children to thrive within their sporting careers and the different transitions they go through. Athletes will be guided to find ways to develop their psychological toolbox and learn daily habits which can contribute to building resilience. 


For Coaches and Umpires

When accessing this area, members will not only learn techniques to support their athlete’s mental health but also find ways to take care of their own well-being. 


For High Performance Coaches and Athletes

Although a good amount of the same content will be provided in the Coach and Umpire website, there will some higher-level content for high performance coaches and high performing teams. 


“I first became aware of Believe Perform some years ago when I saw their ‘infographics’ as a coach I loved the simplicity and visual aspect of them,” added Parnham. “They provide quick reminders and prompts that can help when preparing for sessions, meetings or conversations.”  

Mental Fitness online courses also include "How Sport Coaches Can Look After Their Mental Health"

  • An introduction to the mental health continuum
  • How to look after your mental health when you are thriving, managing, struggling and ill
  • Strategies to help you identify and manage your thoughts
  • Strategies to manage negative physiological symptoms
  • Strategies to build positive physical health habits
  • Strategies to identify and manage unhelpful behaviors

Mental fitness training plans include "Keeping Essential Mental Health Habits Going During Isolation"

  • Energy management (Sleep and food) 
  • Social support (building a support network)
  • Self-care (activity schedule)
  • Coping skills (grounding exercises)