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Harrow Sports Helps During COVID-19 Pandemic

April 17, 2020, 5:29 p.m. (ET)

When you think of Harrow Sports, a premier and longtime partner, your first thought is probably of high-quality field hockey sticks, uniforms, sports apparel and outstanding customer service. You might also think of all the USA Field Hockey Events that Harrow sponsors such as Futures, Regional Futures Tournaments, National Futures Championship, Regional Club Championships, National Club Championship and the official licensee of the National Hockey Festival. But now, USA Field Hockey would like you to know about Harrow’s latest humanitarian effort to help protect people during this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


A couple of weeks ago, some of the organization’s existing customers reached out to Harrow to ask if they could source certified masks using their supply chain connections. Harrow then connected with trusted factories to source certified masks, and using their transportation and importing expertise, Harrow has already delivered half a million certified masks to organizations that were low on personal protective equipment (PPE) and has another 1.5 million masks on the way.  Their goal is to support the fight against COVID-19, keep people healthy and keep Harrow’s staff employed.


Once established in the certified mask business, Harrow spoke to their customers who needed PPE for their essential businesses. Harrow refocused their Denver staff and repurposed their material on hand – which they had in stock to make uniforms – and is instead making washable sublimated civilian masks. Production started officially yesterday, April 16, and 500 are already on their way to customers all over the country.


Mark Hayden, Harrow Sports CEO, has been in Denver making sure his team is running smoothly, staggering staff to keep them safe and employed, and saying “Harrow will adjust, adapt and do everything we can to help people stay healthy.”


Thank you to Mark Hayden and all of Harrow Sports! USA Field Hockey is a proud partner of this organization.  If you are in need of certified KN95 masks or interested in buying custom branded masks please contact Alli Tanner at (717) 682-5832 or