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Selections Announced for 2019 Young Women's National Championship

May 30, 2019, 5:31 p.m. (ET)

LANCASTER, Pa. – May 30, 2019 - USA Field Hockey is pleased to announce the athletes that have been selected to compete in the 2019 Young Women’s National Championship (YWNC) which will be held at Spooky Nook Sports, the Home of Hockey, in Lancaster, Pa., from June 14-18. The YWNC is an annual event featuring 144 elite female field hockey athletes, including for the first time the 2019 U.S. U-19 Women’s National Team along with top collegiate and post-collegiate players. Over the spring, select athletes tried out and trained at USA Field Hockey High-Performance Centers throughout the country for an opportunity to earn a spot in the tournament that is the next step on the Olympic Development Pathway. These teams will face off for the prestigious title of national champions and for an opportunity to be selected to the 2020 U.S. U-21 Women’s National Team and U.S. Women’s National Development Team, or a trial for the U.S. Women’s National Team.

“With eight teams split across two balanced pools,” said Phil Edwards, USA Field Hockey’s Senior Manager of Junior High Performance. “This year’s tournament will feature more games that matter and more moments when the chance to play for a medal is on the line. It promises to be a great five days of competition at Spooky Nook Sports.”
USA Field Hockey invites all field hockey enthusiasts to come watch these talented athletes compete. Admission is free.

USA Field Hockey would like to congratulate and wish the following athletes the best of luck throughout the tournament!

Taylor Alba 

Grace Angelella

Carter Ayars

Kendall Ballard

Hollyn Barr

Gabrielle Barraco

Danielle Batze

Tess Bernheimer

Allison Bitting

Kayla Blas

Jennifer Bleakney

Taylor Blood

Leanne Bough

Bryn Boylan

Virginia Bramley

Isabella Bressler

Kelsey Briddell

Natalie Burns

Skyler Caron

Abigail Carpenter

Katrina Carter

Marissa Cicione

Mayv Clune

Cori Conley

Megan Connors

Meghan Conroy 

Claire Cooke

Erica Cooper

Hailey Couch

Leah Crouse

Shannon Daley

Samantha Davidson

Charlotte De Vries

Brooke Deberdine

Emma DeBerdine

Jessica Dembrowski

Taylor Dempsey

Lindsay Dickinson

Riley Donnelly

Megan DuVernois 

Bailey Fanikos

Kelsey Farkas

Josie Formica

Nikki Freeman

Noelle Frost

Kiley Gallagher

Makayla Gallen

Courtney Gerber

Rebecca Gerhart

Greer Gill

Gianna Glatz 

Alanna Gollotto

Fusine Govaert

Alex Halpin

Peyton Halsey

Alexandra Hammel

Carrie Hanks

Mary Harkins

Olivia Harris

Lauren Hausheer

Sarah Hayes

Karlie Heistand

Emily Henry

Beira Ho

Krista Hoffman 

Olivia Hoover

Madalyn Hosler

Erin Huffman

Adele Iacobucci 

Allie Grace Joyner

Mackenzie Keegan

Jonna Kennedy

Nina Klein

Pip Konerth

Phoebe Large

Margot Lawn

Isabella Leeker

Kelee Lepage

Kaelyn Long

Carrera Lucas

Madison Maguire

Gianna Mancini

Kelly Marks

Taylor Mason

Corey Mayer

Molly McAndrew

Ali McCarthy

Erin McCrudden

Mikayla Michals

Megan Miller

Grace Miller

Hannah Miller

Melissa Nealon

Marykate Neff 

Margaret New

Colleen Norair

Lexie Nugent

Jordan Olenginski

Madison Orobono

Ellen Payne 

Kathryn Peterson

Emily Peters

Lily Posternak

Avery Powell

Eleni Prodes

Emma Provost

Tess Queen

Sara Jane Quigley

Meghan Reese

Kelsey Reznick

Romea Riccardo

Miranda Rigg

Jenny Rizzo

Rachel Robinson

Megan Rodgers

Elizabeth Romano

Elizabeth Ryan

Olivia Sahaydak

Emily Sayre

Haley Schleicher

Meghan Schneider

Kathryn Schneider

Erin Shanahan

Kassidy Shetler

Clayre Smith

Allison Smith

Morgan Sturm

Sydney Taylor

Casey Thompson

Peyton Tollaksen

Sophia Tornetta

Julianna Tornetta

Christie Van De Kamp

Josie Varney

M. Grace Wallis

Paityn Wirth

Jillian Wolgemuth

Corinne Zanolli

Leah Zellner

Madeleine Zimmer

Brynn Zorilla