Kathleen Sharkey: "Fans Cheering Us at Home Gives Us a Lot of Energy"

Jan. 13, 2019, 2:08 p.m. (ET)

Content Courtesy of the FIH


Question: Your thoughts on #FIHProLeague format?

Kathleen Sharkey: I think it is going to be really interesting. I think it is really exciting that we get to travel to all these countries and then they will also come to the U.S. to play us at home. I think it will be great for all the teams to play sixteen international matches over the course of six months.


Q: How much of a difference do your home fans make?

KS: I think they make a huge difference. Having them in the stands, cheering us on and creating a lot of noise for the home team, gives us a lot of energy.


Q: What do you like the most about the men’s league?

KS: I think that their speed and power on and off the ball is so impressive and it just makes the speed of the game so fast and really fun to watch.


Q: What does equality in hockey mean to you?

KS: I think equality in hockey is super important. I think that we play a sport where the equipment and rules are same for both men and women. So, I think that equal opportunity should be given to both genders.


Q: Which is the best team according to you?

KS: I think that over the years, as an opponent of ours, it’s just interesting to play against the Dutch. It’s really impressive the depth they are able to bring in year after year regardless of the number of retirements they have and something that we are trying to build-on in the U.S. is to establish the same level of depth.