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PHOTO GALLERY: Congratulations to All U-14 Girls NIT Champions

Feb. 19, 2019, 4:27 p.m. (ET)

Images Taken by Mark Palczewski

LANCASTER, Pa. - February 19, 2019 - The first Sheetz National Indoor Tournament, presented by YOLO Sportswear, has come and gone as the U-14 Girls division competed this weekend in a four-day event. A total of 204 teams stormed up and down the courts at Spooky Nook Sports in Lancaster, Pa. before the first place winners claimed their prizes. For your viewing pleasure, USA Field Hockey has chosen some of the best moments captured from the tournament for an ultimate photo gallery. See some you want to own for yourself? Click here to view the entire NIT gallery for purchase from USA Field Hockey's on-site photographer Mark Palczewski.

A big thank you to all the athletes, coaches and their families for participating in this year’s U-14 Girls NIT.

USA Field Hockey would like to congratulate all 2019 U-14 NIT Pool Winners! 

Pool A - WC Eagles Diamonds

Pool AA - Cape Ann Black

Pool B - CPFH Purple

Pool BB - Pinnacle Field Hockey Blue

Pool C - WC Eagles Blue

Pool CC - Charlotte Ambush White

Pool D - Richmond Panthers United Black

Pool DD - Pittsburg Venom U-14

Pool E - X-Calibur I

Pool EE - Electric Surge Grey

Pool F - Team AGH U-14 1

Pool FF - Charlotte Ambush Silver

Pool G - Mayhem Bears

Pool GG - Windy City Flurry

Pool H - TCOYO Prana

Pool HH - True Grit Blue

Pool I - PA Revolution Cobalt

Pool J - X-Calibur III

Pool K - WC Eagles Gold

Pool L - IFHCK Fire

Pool M - WC Eagles Red

Pool N - Focus White

Pool O - North East Elite Gold U-14

Pool P - South Jersey Edge Pink

Pool Q - U-14 Souderton Strikers Red

Pool R - Charlotte Ambush Purple

Pool S - Pursuit

Pool T - Majestyx FHC Grape

Pool U - Mayhem Frost

Pool V - Alley Cats Blue

Pool W - PA Revolution Tungsten

Pool X - PA Elite FHC

Pool Y - New Jersey Starz U-14 Blue

Pool Z - Focus Black