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Key Line-Up of Presenters for Next Week's National Goalkeeping Coaches and National Coaches Forum

Dec. 04, 2019, 3:34 p.m. (ET)

LANCASTER, Pa. – December 4, 2019 – Next week, coaches from across the United States will assemble at Spooky Nook Sports in Lancaster, Pa. for the 2019 National Goalkeeping Coaches Forum and National Coaches Forum. There is another exciting line-up planned for Thursday, December 12 through Saturday, December 14 by USA Field Hockey’s Coach Education Department.

Coaches are still welcome to register for the one-day National Goalkeeping Coaches Forum, two-day National Coaches Forum or take part in all three days for a full weekend of coach education and networking opportunities. 


National Goalkeeping Coaches Forum
Thursday, December 12 – 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Phil Edwards, David Williamson, Barb Weinberg & Cheri Schulz
The National Goalkeeping Coaches Forum will drive conversation around goalkeepers and their development forward with the introduction of the new “Goalkeeper Development Framework”. The Framework guides the why, how and what that is delivered in the Junior High Performance environment and includes the purposeful integration of goalkeepers into team practice. The 2019 National Goalkeeping Coaches Forum will prove insightful for all coaches whether you consider yourself a goalkeeping specialist or just a beginner goalkeeping coach.

Thursday, December 12 - 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Performance Analysis Workshop - FREE
Contact if interested in attending

Phil Edwards & Chris Fry
The USA Field Hockey Performance Analysis Workshop returns in 2019! This workshop will provide delegates with insight into some of the latest developments in field hockey performance analysis along with practical examples of analysis workflows that can be applied in their own environment to enhance performance. The workshop is not software-specific, and delegates will leave with impactful analysis tools and ideas even if their current software consists of pen and paper.

National Coaches Forum
Friday, December 13 – 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. to Saturday, December 14 – 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Craig Parnham's Presentations

On-Field Presentation: Coaching Field Hockey: “The USA Way”
Bringing to life the USA Way: Principles of Play with practical demonstrations that will assist coaches as they design and implement athlete-centered, games-based practices. During the session a variety of games and practices will be introduced, and all coaches will receive accompanying game cards and supporting material. For those attending both days this session will link to the classroom presentation that will be delivered by Craig Parham and Phil Edwards on Saturday.

On Field Presentation: Close-to-Goal Scoring
In this session, Parnham will look at some of the key elements and associated close-to-goal scoring skills. During this session coaches will observe how the decision-making demands and skill variety can be progressed using simple modifications and constraints.

On-Field Presentation: Goal Scoring: Lessons from the FIH Hockey Pro League
Featuring Phil Edwards

This session looks at the key characteristics of the world’s best goal scorers based on performance in the women’s 2019 FIH Hockey Pro League. Practice design will put a spotlight on the skills and qualities of these world leading performers. Coaches will be equipped with games and practice ideas that will allow them to develop goal scorers in their own environment. All coaches will receive accompanying game cards and supporting material. For those attending both days this session will link to the classroom presentation that will be delivered by Craig Parham and Phil Edwards on Saturday.

Classroom Presentation: Goal Scoring: Lessons from the FIH Hockey Pro League

Building on Friday’s practical, on-field demonstration, this session will close the loop when it comes to designing impactful practices. Parnham, along with Phil Edwards, will explore the process of analyzing performance, identifying key components and creating representative practices to bring the lessons learned to life for your players. Video and analysis of the FIH Hockey Pro League’s top goal scorers will shed more light on the previous day’s practices. Coaches will leave equipped with ready made, practical ideas that they can implement along with an understanding of the underpinning processes to help them develop their own practice ideas.

Phil Edwards' Presentation

Classroom Presentation: Coaching Field Hockey: "The USA Way"
Building on Friday’s on field demonstration, this presentation will provide a more detailed insight into The USA Way and how it shapes the player experience throughout the USA Field Hockey Junior High Performance Pathway. This includes insight into the new USA Goalkeeper framework, Principles of Play, Critical Skills and Junior High Performance practice fingerprints.

Sarah Kelleher's Presentations

On-Field Presentation #1: Playing with Flow and Fluidity
Kelleher’s first on-field presentation will focus on fluidity, “go forward” principles of play and how being fluid and ‘playing with flow’ makes teams more unpredictable and difficult to play against. Being line breakers, risk takers and relentless sits at the heart of this approach. Kelleher will guide attendees through a constraints-led and scenario-based approach explore the topic while bringing to life what this looks like in the England U-18 program and at premier club level.

On-Field Presentation #2: The Power of Self-Expression & Creativity
Kelleher’s second presentation will look into designing practices that allow players to explore their creativity and self-expression through purposeful play. Early on, when she worked with the England U-18 program, she ran a creativity camp with a focus on freeing players up to try new things and learn from mistakes, ultimately giving players the license to be themselves. This session will share what this looks like practically in a session and link to how we would build this across a program.

Classroom Presentation: Creating Environments Where Players Flourish and Be Their Best Self
Kelleher’s presentation will revolve around those that work in the high-performance world, where people have to operate on so many different levels - psychology, health, wellness, strategy and self-confidence. She believes that the Flourish model can set your players up for life, whether they go on to play field hockey or not. It’s a way of thinking that, whatever age you are in life, in real successful teams, it goes way beyond the player to the person. Kelleher will discuss how to create an environment for players to express themselves, drawing on her experiences of working in the English pathway system for the past number of years. Every level of coach will surely benefit from this presentation.

Dr. Nicole Gabana's Presentation

Classroom Presentation: Knowing Your ‘Why’: Coaching for the Whole Person
High performance coaches face just as much pressure to perform as their athletes - sometimes more. Knowing your ‘why’ can help reinforce positive coaching habits and values-driven behavior. In this session, experiential activities and didactic instruction will be provided to facilitate discussion and self-reflection on what it means to coach as a “whole” person, and for the whole athlete person. This presentation will give coaches the opportunity to participate in self-reflective and interactive exercises to deepen their understanding of their own identities, and how this relates to sport and performance.

Colin Clarke's Presentation

On Field Presentation: Team and Individual Defensive Principles Using Small Unit Play within a Game Context
Clarke will create scenarios using a 4v4 format to challenge players to understand, discuss and solve the puzzle within the constraints/scoring system. Strategies involving zone defense, man to man and role of cover will all be covered along with individual defending techniques. The session will finish with some underload/overload scenarios to generate discussion during and beyond the session!

Pietie Coetzee-Turner's Presentation

On-Field Presentations: Teaching the Drag Flick - Training in Blocks
Coetzee-Turner is a self-taught drag flick specialist. With more than 20 years of international playing experience and 15 of those mastering the drag flick, she has developed a simple method to teach athletes a rather complicated skill. The steps followed to learn the skill is broken down and can be trained in blocks. Once a block is mastered the player moves on to the next block. When all the steps are complete and all the blocks are put together this makes a very complicated skill much easier to master. Coetzee-Turner’s way of teaching is simple yet very effective. Along the way you can also expect to get detailed information you can only get from someone who has mastered the skill. She will introduce some vital short cuts that will make a huge difference when teaching your players the drag flick.

Classroom Reviews:

Kelly Doton: The Journey of Continuous Development: Key Learnings and Implementation from FIH Level 3 Course

Victor Brady: We WRECC: Reflections on a Journey to Build a Winning Culture

Jarred Martin & Kate Lipton: The Team Behind the Team: Insights on How to Utilize Staff for Effective Team Development    

"We are looking forward to hosting the National Goalkeeping and National Coaches Forum at Spooky Nook Sports again this year,” said Craig Parnham, USA Field Hockey's Director of Coach Education and Learning. "Both Coaches Forums are a great opportunity for coaches to collaborate, discuss, share ideas and network."

NEW! Women in Coaching Workshop

Sunday, December 15 - 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Featuring Sarah Kelleher - A three and half-hour workshop, will explore how to be your confident best selves as coaches while understanding the barriers, motivations and emotional goals of women in coaching

Supporting the development of female leaders to succeed and flourish whether that is in business, sport or life in general is a core passion area for Kelleher. As a coach developer and mentor, she supports female coaches in their journey to be their best self. Within this, Kelleher recognizes the importance of role models in positively influencing opportunities for female leaders to succeed.

The workshop will be a practical session in understanding our own personal strengths and how we can grow our resilience and use strategies to overcome barriers to ultimately develop the confidence to truly excel as coaches.

This workshop will be free for National Coaches Forum attendees!

For all others, pricing will be $45 for USA Field Hockey Members and $65 for non-USA Field Hockey Members.

Participants in the “Women in Coaching Workshop” will receive a certificate of participation that stays current as long as your Coach Membership remains active.

USA Field Hockey is committed to providing coaches with ongoing quality Coach Education that is accessible, affordable and that includes best practices to deliver a player-centered and positive development experience.

Hotel Information:

Warehouse Hotel Reservation - Call the hotel directly to book based on availability at best room rate.

Special pricing for those interested in registering for both Coaching Forums. For more information, check out the National Goalkeeping Coaches Forum event page by clicking here and National Coaches Forum event page by clicking here.

Pricing options:

National Goalkeeping Coaches Forum Only: $125.00

National Coaches Forum Only: $235.00

Both National Goalkeeping Coaches Forum and National Coaches Forum: $325.00