Don't Mind the Rankings, NCAA Tournament Time is Here

Nov. 07, 2018, 10:18 a.m. (ET)

Don’t Mind the Ranking. NCAA play is here!

It doesn’t matter if you're expected to win or are the underdog. It doesn’t matter that you won the regular season match-up or if you have the better goals per game percentage. And it definitely doesn’t matter where you sit in the national ranking. At the end of the day, numbers don't win and your teammates on the pitch do. Wherever your squad sits heading into the NCAA Division I, II and III tournament play, the rankings have only set the table. Whoever is left standing is entirely up to you, your team's mentality and the grit to win.

That is what makes postseason exhilarating. The second the whistle blows it is anyone’s match for the taking. Like other college sports, a No. 12 seed could upset an undefeated team, ultimately ending their season. A top seed can keep the momentum running and meet and equally determined squad, setting the stage for a match for the ages. Which ever side of the fence you fall on, this is your time. 

Now is the time to show what your team culture has meant all year long. Are you destined for a Cinderella story? Are you riding a dominant season all the way to the end? Are you the underdog quietly waiting to strike and turn heads? Get ready to write one last chapter to the season, one that sports enthusiasts want to read.