U-19 NFC: Stars & Stripes Elite Selections

June 26, 2018, 3:59 p.m. (ET)

LANCASTER, Pa. - June 26, 2018 - The Citi National Futures Championship, presented by Harrow Sports, U-19 Girls tournament will finish today in the Stars and Stripes Games, an elite all-star game featuring the top athletes from around the country as identified throughout the tournament by the USA Field Hockey Junior High-Performance selectors.

Congratulations to the following U-19 athletes who have been selected to play in the Stars and Stripes Games. Please come watch this display of young field hockey talent as they take the next in pursuing their Olympic dream. The schedule can be found by clicking here! Admission to the Stars and Stripes Games are free.


Mackenzie Allessie

Madison Baciuska

Gabrielle Barraco

Emily Berlinghof

Kayla Blas

Madeleine Boehm

Leann Bough

Isabella Bressler

Skylar Caron

Abigail Carpenter

Sarah Charley

Megan Connors

Leah Crouse

Sam Davidson

Emma Deberdine

Charlotte Devries

Lindsay Dickinson

Riley Donnelly

Bethany Dykema

Nathalie Friedman

Megan Frost

Riley Fulmer

Frederique Fyhr

Greer Gill

Halle Gill

Olivia Graham

Caroline Guden

Peyton Halsey

Lizzie Hamlett

Mary Harkins

Kara Heck

Taylor Henriksen

Olivia Hoover

Adele Iacobucci

Madison Jiranek

Madison Kahn

Mackenzie Karl

Caroline Kelly

Abigail Kopec

Margot Lawn

Alia Marshall

Taylor Mason

Kerrianne McClay

Kelsey McCrudden

Annie McDonough

Cara Menges

Hannah Miller

Samantha Minrath

Alex Morgan

Siofra Murdoch

Evelyn Murray

Madison Orobono

Kathryn Peterson

Abby Pitcairn

Sammy Popper

Isabella Porco

Hatley Post

Meghan Reese

Kelsey Reznick

Julia Russo

Kathryn Schneider

Allison Smith

Tara Smith

Erica Solomen

Peyton Tollaksen

Minna Tremonti

Anna Unger

Josen Varney

Grace Wallis

Eleanor Winants

Paityn Wirth

Madeleine Zimmer

Brynn Zorilla

All selected athletes need to stop by the USA Field Hockey Tent to see which team they are on. Athletes are required to bring both white and red jerseys as well as both white and dark socks.

For more information about USA Field Hockey's Futures Program, Stars and Stripes Elite Game(s) and the Olympic Development Pipeline, visit usafieldhockey.com or email futures@usafieldhockey.com.