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Needham Field Hockey Coach Stephanie Magni to Run Marathon for Andruzzi Foundation

April 05, 2018, 11:19 a.m. (ET)

It is common for all but the elite Boston Marathon runners to run for a person or a cause.

Needham field hockey and softball coach Stephanie Magni is running for a lot of people in her family all connected by one common cause.

When the Needham coach set out for her 17-mile training run earlier this month, she decided to honor all of those on the back of her training fleece.

She calls them her “Super Heroes.”

There is her father, who is a prostate cancer survivor. There is her uncle, who succumbed to the disease. There are the two aunts she lost to breast cancer, the two aunts currently battling it, her two cousins who have it, and the cousin she lost to leukemia. There are the two grandparents on her mother’s side cancer took from her. There is her grandfather on her dad’s side taken as well.

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