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Three Reasons Why National Hockey Festival is an Unbeatable Experience

Nov. 20, 2017, 9:57 a.m. (ET)

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. – November 20, 2017 – Just three days remain until the 2017 National Hockey Festival, presented by CranBarry, gets underway at the International Polo Club in Palm Beach County, Fla. With palm tress and gorgeous scenery as far as the eye can see, the best and largest field hockey event under the sun is packed to the brim with everything fans can ask for. Here are three reasons why National Hockey Festival remains the must-see experience of the year:

1. Highly Competitive – With more than 150 teams registered to compete across six age divisions, field hockey action is literally from dawn to dusk in a tradition that has been riding strong for nearly four decades. Who will be the top pool team standing on the final day? Who will be watching on the sidelines as games progress with some of the best talent across the United States? Those answers await our hundreds of athletes eyeing that first place medal. Best of luck to all!

2. Making Memories – What will you remember years from now? Despite the non-stop action across three days at the International Polo Club, there is always time to create countless selfies and make dozens of friendships grow! Whether it’s winning a grand prize in Vendor Village, scoring a memorable goal with your teammates or finding that iconic picture that will hang for years to come, Festival is where the sport we all love plays ambassador to connecting, smiles, fun and friends. Use #FHFestival17 to bookmark those memories with @USAFieldHockey and make your mark on another exciting Thanksgiving week!

3. Top Colleges on Site – More than one hundred schools and coaches will be making the trip to Palm Beach County this week. For the high school junior or senior still deciding where to play in college, it's a prime opportunity to narrow down your choices and find which Division I, II and III college coach and athletic programs you want to continue your career with. All your answers and more will can be answered at College Information Night, hosted by Next College Student Athlete (NCSA). 

Don’t miss a single thing at National Hockey Festival, presented by CranBarry. For all the latest news, information, scores and more, be sure to check out USA Field Hockey's event program by clicking here. #FHFestival17