Selections Announced for 2017 Young Women's National Championship

May 27, 2017, 9:27 a.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -  May 27, 2017 - Official invitations have been extended to premier talent across the nation to attend the 2017 Young Women’s National Championship (YWNC). The Young Women’s National Championship serves as a high-level, international structured competition which is a selection avenue to Junior National Camps and the Development Squad Camp. This event will take place at the Spooky Nook Sports in Lancaster, Pa. from June 12-16, 2017.

All selected athletes must register for the tournament by Friday, June 2, 2017.

USA Field Hockey would like to congratulate and wish the following athletes the best of luck throughout the tournament and in the selection process!

2017 Young Women's National Championship Selections:

Ackers, Hannah (Michigan State University)

Adler, Brooke (University of Maryland)

Arrowood, Caroline (College of William & Mary)

Ayars, Carter (University of Louisville)

Ballard, Kendall (Ohio University)

Barrett, Megan (Northeastern University)

Baxendale, Delaney (Drexel University)

Bednarski, Bree (University of Michigan)

Bensaia, Gianna (University of New Hampshire)

Bitting, Morgan (Duke University)

Blood, Taylor (Boston University)

Boston, Grace (Boston University)

Bozek, Dana (University of Albany)

Brewer, Alexandria (Old Dominion University)

Carter, Katrina (University of California, Berkeley)

Catalino, Nicole (Princeton University)

Clune, Mayv (University of Maryland)

Comizio, Kirby (Duke University)

Cooperman, Alicia (James Madison University)

Cuneo, Austyn

Curley, Elena (Northwestern University)

Davidson, Lexi (Duke University)

Delahanty, Theresa (Lafayette College)

Dias, Camryn (University of Albany)

Donio Enscoe, Jane (Princeton University)

Donovan, Annabeth (Princeton University)

DuVernois, Megan (University of North Carolina)

Dwyer, Sarah (Boston College)

Ell, Greta (University of Virginia)

Ellis, Booter (Sara) (College of William & Mary)

Esselman, Kathryn (Northwestern University)

Fries, Jamie (Kent State University)

Frost, Noelle (University of Maryland)

Gaines, Rachel (Appalachian State University)

Gallagher, Kiley (Boston University)

Gillingham, Erin (Syracuse University)

Grewe, Makenna (University of Iowa)

Guzzardi, Megan (James Madison University)

Hall, Hannah (James Madison University)

Hammel, Alexandra (Boston University)

Harmatz, Alison (Kent State University)

Harwood, Tori (Old Dominion University)

Hempt, Ellen (Indiana University)

Hendry, Amanda (University of North Carolina)

Higgins, Delani (Penn State University)

Hoffman, Krista (Princeton, University)

Hoover, Alexa (University of Pennsylvania)

Horst, Alexis (Penn State University)

Huffman, Erin (Old Dominion University)

Humphrey, Madeleine (Ohio State University)

Iacobucci, Amelia (University of Connecticut)

Jones, Catherine (University of Iowa)

Katzman, Lily (Northwestern University)

Lefkowitz, Mallory (University of Iowa)

Lloyd, Cameron (College of William & Mary)

Lucas, Carrera (University of Virginia)

Mayer, Corey (James Madison University)

McNally, Lauren (Penn State University)

Menges, Erin (College of William & Mary)

Michals, Mikayla (Providence College)

Murphy, Meghan (Wake Forest University)

Nealon, Melissa (University of Albany)

Newbill, Victoria (Bryant University)

Norair, Colleen (University of Virginia)

O’Neill, Madison (Michigan State University)

Omweg, Taylor (University of Iowa)

Palazzese, Christy (Duke University)

Pauling, Jackalyn (St. Joseph’s University)

Pennington, Christen (Villanova University)

Posternak, Lily (Duke University)

Pratt, Lindsey (Liberty University)

Progar, Melissa (University of Iowa)

Ridgely, McKenzie (James Madison University)

Riggs, Miranda (James Madison University)

Rizzo, Jenny (Penn State University)

Robles, Kealsie (Old Dominion University)

Sakkas, Janaye (University of California, Berkeley)

Scherrer, Erin (Duke University)

Schleicher, Haley (Duke University)

Schneck, Alexa (University of Pennsylvania)

Schumacher, Kennedy (Stanford University)

Siegel, Sam (Michigan State University)

Smith, Mary Nell (Penn State University)

Snead, Annie (College of William & Mary)

Spirit, Karlee (Wake Forest University)

Steele, Samantha (Duke University)

Stefano, Rachel (American University)

Stigas, Kellie (Northeastern University)

Sumfest, Cassie (University of North Carolina)

Thomas, Ashleigh (Old Dominion University)

Tice, Monica (St. Joseph’s University)

Tolli, Nichole (Sacred Heart University)

Toppi, Rachal (West Chester University)

Tossone, Spencer (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Vaziri, Charlotte (Northwestern, University)

Walsh, Katie (University of Louisville)

Webb, Claire (Syracuse University)

Welch, Jessica (Stanford University)

Williamson, Courtnie (University of North Carolina)

Wolgemuth, Jillian (Duke University)

Wong, Elise (Princeton University)

Wood, Kaitlin (Northwestern University)