USA Field Hockey “You Make the Call” Umpire Forum Coming Soon

Dec. 01, 2017, 12:27 p.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - December 1, 2017 - USA Field Hockey is establishing a “You Make the Call” Umpire Forum for the purposes of education and consistency within the umpire community. The goal is to post a clip of situations on a regular basis and allow the community to view and comment on what is perceived in the clip. Clips will be associated with a specific rule which would be posted as well with the intent of creating a better understanding of a rule and its proper application.


This is being done with the understating that all comments will be monitored by USA Field Hockey and removed for any derogatory, inflammatory or inappropriate comments about an umpire. These clips are for the viewing of the situation and not to question the performance or judgement of an umpire.


Rules for posting a comment:

  1. Positive comments are welcomed
  2. No mention of any umpire by name
  3. No mention of any team or team personnel by name
  4. Keep comments on task of the situation with the appropriate rule


Click here for USA Field Hockey's Forum Commenting Policy.


USA Field Hockey will post a new video approximately every two weeks and will allow comments. After the approximate two-week period, a final comment will be posted by USA Field Hockey and then any further comments will not be permitted. The posting will stay up for viewing only.


Stay tuned as the first Umpire Forum video will be posted in mid-December. #GrowTheGame