#PAC2017: Thank You, Umpires and Technical Officials!

Images of Mark Palczewski and Yan Huckendubler/PAHF

Aug. 18, 2017, 9:17 a.m. (ET)

The games at the 2017 Pan American Cups (PAC) would not have taken place if it wasn't for the countless umpires, umpire managers, judges and technical officials. Thirty-one individuals from seventeen different countries were appointed to PAC, with the United States and Argentina having 5 representatives. USA Field Hockey would like to thank all officials on the field and behind the scenes who kept each match safe and well officiated. Thank you!

Men's PAC Officials:

Technical Official: Thiago De Mattos (BRA)

Umpire Managers: Ged Curran (SCO), Edmundo Saladino (ARG)

Judges: Mike Lipka (USA), Juan Manual Perez Leon (PER), Ariel Wallace (TTO)

Neutral Umpires: Peter Wright (RSA), Nazmi Kamarudin (MAS)

Umpires: Jonathan Altamirano Rodriguez (MEX), Diego Barbas (ARG), Matias Barbosa (CHI), Kevin George (TTO), Oliver Hock (BRA), Tyler Klenk (CAN), Manuel Sierra Centeno (VEN), Gus Soteriades (USA)


Women's PAC Officials:

Technical Official: Lurah Hess (USA)

Umpire Managers: Louise Knipe (ENG), Cinthia Melli (ARG)

Judges: Nataki Akii Bua (TTO), Lorena Rinaldini (ARG), Katherina Perez Santiago (PUR)

Neutral Umpires: Fanneke Alkemade (NED), Junko Wagatsuma (JPN)

Umpires: Maggie Beffort (USA), Camila Cabargas (CHI), Diana Fuentes Castelo (MEX), Maggie Giddens (USA), Natalia Lodeiro (URU), Mariana Reydo (ARG), Lelia Sacre (CAN)


PAHF Personnel:

PAHF Representative: Willard Harris (TTO)

PAHF Competition Coordinator: Laura Macchiotti

Technical Delegate: Paula Parks (CAN)

Assistant Technical Delegate: Luis Cesar Aleman (ARG)

Communications Officers: Candela Diaz Bustos (ARG), Patrick Espejo (PER), Ali Lee (CAN)



All week long, USA Field Hockey will be thanking and highlighting key contributors and stakeholders of the 2017 Pan American Cups.