USA Field Hockey Launches Strategic Plan 2017-2024

April 17, 2017, 12:09 p.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - April 17, 2017 - Today, USA Field Hockey announces the adaptation of its new Strategic Plan which will guide the sport and the organization during the next eight years. The USA Field Hockey Strategic Plan 2017-2024 has been unanimously approved by the USA Field Hockey Board of Directors. The Strategic Plan identifies the core mission, four key themes and the strategic initiatives that will receive focus.



 The strategic planning process, led by the USA Field Hockey Board, was a process that spanned the past nine months. More than 109,000 current and former members were asked for their opinions and input on the direction of the sport, seven focus groups were held, sports industry leaders in a variety of sports as well as field hockey leaders in other countries were interviewed. There was strong support for USA Field Hockey to adopt the mission to “Grow the Game, Serve Members and Succeed Internationally”. The theme that was universally considered the highest priority was to grow the game, and accordingly USA Field Hockey will evolve its focus and activities to expand participation in the sport. Specifically, introducing young athletes ages 6-14 to the game was identified, along with a great emphasis on leading in coach education. Also, spotlight on supporting the development of the club game are key strategic initiatives the organization will pursue.

“Our ambition is for us all to grow the game of field hockey," said Bree Gillespie, USA Field Hockey Board of Directors Chair. "We are very aware that sports are not grown directly by National Governing Body, they are grown by field hockey advocates volunteering their passion and sharing the joy of our sport -  one child and team at a time. Our job is to provide the best possible environment of support and we will strive to do just that.” 

As a key area, USA Field Hockey will Serve Members by placing a growing emphasis on being responsive to the community, with valued programs that allow all hockey participants the opportunity to achieve their hockey ambition. As the National Governing Body, USA Field Hockey is perhaps best known for its U.S. National Teams that underpin the recent promising performances in both the men's and women's programs. USA Field Hockey will work to Succeed Internationally and will continue with the goal of competitive success.


Underpinning the stated mission the plan identifies the importance of USA Field Hockey being an Effective Sports Leader. Key focus will be on good governance, purposeful strategic partnerships, an innovative approach to generating and allocating resources and a strong community focus.

“There is a virtuous cycle with growing the game, an inspired membership and well supported national teams that each strand of our mission feeds off each other, all fueled by a strong business model," commented Simon Hoskins, USA Field Hockey's Executive Director. "This is our collective ambition, this is an eight-year plan and we will work on it in stages and provide annual updates on progress to members”.


USA Field Hockey would like to thank all of those who contributed to the development of the plan and who continue to work to grow the game.