USA Field Hockey NEWS #SQUAD Goals: Meet L...

#SQUAD Goals: Meet Laura Hurff

Sept. 30, 2016, 9:12 a.m. (ET)

USA Field Hockey will be featuring weekly spotlights of U.S. U-21 Women's National Team members selected to represent Team USA at the women's Hockey Junior World Cup 2016 (JWC).

She is the youngest of eight siblings (although not all blood related) and says family is the most important thing in her life. She loves doing all outdoor activities and one of her favorite places to go is New Jersey. With aspirations to be an orthopedic surgeon she has chosen to pursue a medical field path. Meet U.S. U-21 Women's National Team member Laura Hurff.

Laura's mom is the reason she began playing sports and was her coach for both field hockey and lacrosse in middle school. When she was a freshman in high school, Laura's mom told her she had to choose one sport to focus on if she wanted to go on and play in college. Her mom's words advice swayed her and this is how Laura ultimately ended up choosing field hockey. 

At Syracuse University, Laura is majoring in the health and exercise science program. At first, she thought she wanted to be a physical therapist, but now she is leaning toward medical school to possibly become an orthopedic surgeon. Along with aspirations in the medical field, she also would love to become a coach when she is older and move to either North or South Carolina

Outside of college, Laura loves doing all outdoor activities. One of her favorite places to go and get away is her grandparents house in New Jersey. She enjoys wake boarding, hikes and going to the beach.

Laura is the youngest of eight siblings, although they are not all blood related. She considers her family as one of the most important things in her life. They have lovingly given her the nickname of Laura Lou. The origin of her nickname occurred when she was little as she would always climb on all the furniture, having a habit of not sitting still. When she was 3 years old, she drug a chair around the kitchen to get her own cereal, bowl, spoon and milk. This instance reminded her mom's best friend from college of gymnast Mary Lou Retna, hence the nickname Laura Lou.

Although Laura is still finishing up her collegiate playing career at Syracuse University, she hopes that one day she can make the U.S. Women's National Team and represent Team USA on the Olympic Games stage.

Quick Facts about Laura
Position: Midfield
Hometown: Newark, Del.
Joined Junior High Performance: 2012
High School: Ursuline Academy
Club Team: Xcalibur
College: Syracuse University
Major: Health

International Playing Experience: 2013 U.S. U-17 Women's National Team Netherlands Tour, 2015 U.S. U-19 & U-21 Women's National Team, 2016 Women's Junior Pan American Games
Field Hockey Awards: 2015 NFHCA First Team All-American, All-ACC Second Team, NFHCA All-Academic Team honoree, All-ACC Academic Team, 2015 NCAA Division I National Champions
Began Playing Field Hockey: 7th grade (mom was her coach)
Game Day Routine: always put everyone on my left side first, left shoe then right shoe, left shin guard then right
Best Words of Advice: "Pick the sport that you first wake up in the morning wanting to play and that brings a smile to your face." - Her mom said this to her her freshman year when choosing between playing field hockey or lacrosse in college
Most Memorable Field Hockey Moment: Winning the NCAA Division I National Championship with Syracuse in 2015
Hockey Role Models: Alyssa Manley & Serra Degnan

Hidden Talent: Make a 3 leaf clover with her tongue
Favorite Vacation Sports: Grandparents' house in Sewell, N.J.
Favorite Past Times: Going on the boat and wake boarding, spending time with her mom and going for walks, hanging out with friends and going on hikes
Favorite Pump-Up Song: Let You Go - Chainsmokers A Trak Remix
Parents: Linda & Steve Hurff
Siblings: Marli, sister 24, & Michael, brother 22

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Photo Credit: Syracuse Athletics & Laura Hurff