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The Best USA Team You’ve Never Heard Of

Aug. 11, 2016, 1:20 p.m. (ET)

At the biggest and boldest pinnacle of play among the popular and traditional elite sports, field hockey
still has to wear a “Hello My Name is…” sticker.  

They're not seeking the world’s attention but slowly starting to steal it effortlessly. And if the U.S. Olympic Women’s
Field Hockey Team isn't on your radar yet, it needs to be. 

Why? We’re glad you asked.  

The USWNT is an All-American comeback story  
After landing last at the London 2012 Olympic Games, the USWNT regrouped with a cross-country move,
hired new coaching staff and added cutting-edge technology. You could say we started  from the bottom
 now we’re here. And by here, we mean…

We moved from a World Ranking of 10th to 5th, a historical program high, in only 2 years 
Under the new helm of Craig Parnham, USWNT Head Coach the team claimed a FIH medal, 
snatched back-to-back Pan American Games gold medals and qualified for the Olympic Games.

... and quenched a 20-year FIH medal drought
At the women's Hockey Champions Trophy 2016, the USWNT clinched the bronze medal to break a two
decade long FIH medal drought.

... and is currently undefeated in Rio 2016 Olympic Games pool play against the 2nd and 3rd 
Ranked teams as well as qualifying for quarterfinals.
Team USA beat Argentina (FIH World ranked 2nd and predicted to win entire event), Australia
(FIH World ranked 3rd) as well as Japan (FIH World ranked 10th). 

Our Road To Redemption Runs through Amish Country
Horse and buggies, cornfields and the hotbed of hockey all go hand-in-hand in Lancaster County, Pa.

... and we’re family oriented. 
Julia and Katie Reinprecht make up one of the seven sets of siblings on Team USA's roster in Rio. Rachel
Dawson is the third sister in her family to wear the USWNT jersey. 

We come with a strong college alumni base

... and have an even stronger slogan game with the #UN1TED tagline. 
Clever, to the point and the kind of motto you wanted printed everywhere. 

We’re the U.S. Olympic Women’s Hockey Team and we’re Chasing the Dream
All day, every day running after one goal.

And you should follow our journey in Rio because these muscles aren't Photoshopped, they're earned...
Our team has more definitions than a dictionary. Do you see those ARMS? 

... we don’t just have miles of heart, we have a marathon's worth
We never run on empty when it comes to heart and hustle.

... and our bench is green but also runs deep. 
Seven USWNT athletes have become first-time Olympians with their participation of the Rio Olympic
Games. The team also includes three, three-time Olympians. Our blend of experience makes for 
dynamic team. 

And because Melissa Gonzalez...

A main musical influence in the young solo artist’s life includes Justin Bieber. She
totally doesn’t have a poster of him hanging above her bed in the Olympic Village.

In summary, USWNT’s captain Lauren Crandall...

After all, field hockey does everything other field sports do, except with a 
85-mile-per-hour rotating blur of hard plastic…and in a skirt.

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