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Whistle Sounds on another Exciting Weekend of Hockey

Feb. 09, 2015, 3:52 p.m. (ET)

The shrill tweet of a final whistle on Sunday afternoon signaled the closing of the 2015 Disney Field Hockey Showcase at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex near Orlando, Fla. Nearly 3,000 athletes, parents and coaches migrated south for the weekend to compete in the showcase event. Elite clubs from the U.S. and Canada competed on 17 pristine pitches in the hopes of claiming the 2015 Disney Field Hockey Showcase title. Under-16 and Under-19 athletes competed during four days in front of hundreds of college coaches lining the sidelines. 

“The ESPN Wide World of Sports is truly a remarkable facility and the hockey was nothing less than exceptional,” said Karen Collins, USA Field Hockey’s Director of Event and Logistics. “We appreciate all of the assistance from the Disney staff who helped to make the weekend a possibility and we hope our members thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

USA Field Hockey extends a big congratulations to all of this year’s winners who walked away with polished medals and the highly sought-after pride that accompanies the title of champions.

2015 Disney Results

Under-16 Anna Flight

  1. WC Eagles Blue
  2. H2O Pink
  3. South Jersey Edge Pink
  4. BCFHC ST Storm

Under-16 Ariel Flight

  1. PA Mavericks
  2. Jersey Intensity Silver
  3. Oranje Gotta Luv It
  4. Total Dutch Light Blue

Under-16 Cinderella Flight

  1. New Heights Black
  2. Xcalibur Lancers
  3. Saints Gold
  4. TNT

Under-16 Jasmine Flight

  1. WC Eagles White
  2. Saints Hockey Rocks Gold
  3. Alley Cats
  4. Mystx Force

Under-16 Rapunzel Flight

  1. TCOYO Prana
  2. Jersey Elite Black
  3. Freedom HKY
  4. Viper Field Hockey Black

Under-16 Tiana Flight

  1. Florida United
  2. Spirit of USA East
  3. Panthers United Field Hockey Club
  4. A&C Field Hockey

Under-19 Belle Flight

Missing game scores for this flight.. emailed KC.

Under-19 Elsa Flight

  1. WC Eagles Blue
  2. Mystx Surge
  3. Alley Cats
  4. IFHCK Warriors Select

Under-19 Merida Flight

  1. Jersey Intensity Black
  2. WC Eagles White
  3. GoA Reds
  4. Washington Wolves

Under-19 Mulan Flight

  1. Princeton Field Hockey Club
  2. Carolina All Stars
  3. East End Black
  4. Element Athletics

Under-19 Pocahontas Flight

  1. Rush Field Hockey
  2. Key State
  3. FSC
  4. Saints Hockey Rocks

Under-19 Snow White Flight

  1. New Heights Red
  2. The Gaels Field Hockey Club
  3. Oranje Gotta Love It
  4. FH Life

Under-19 Belle Flight

  1. TNT Black
  2. North East Elite Gold
  3. BECK Bluegrass Elite
  4. Jersey Elite White