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2014 National Hockey Festival attendees cram everything from memories to medals into suitcases

Dec. 01, 2014, 12 a.m. (ET)

Palm Springs, Calif. – Monday, December 1, 2014 – With glowing tans and smiles, 9,000 hockey heads packed their shorts, sticks and shin guards into crammed suitcases. The 2014 National Hockey Festival drew athletes, coaches and umpires from all regions of the country and globe to share more than just a meal of turkey but also in competition. Even more fun was had at this year’s event with a few special notes including Netherlands native and USWNT Assistant Coach Janneke Schopman celebrated her first Thanksgiving in the United States at this Festival. Also during Festival, an evening exhibition match took place against the USMNT athletes and college coaches. Although Team USA left victorious, a crowd of 800-plus consumed premier hockey and enjoyed meeting the athletes at the end of the game. Another exciting feature of the tournament took place during our medal ceremony where the USMNT and USWNT athletes as well as Schopman made guest appearances and honored our 2014 Festival champions with their awards. 

USA Field Hockey extends our congratulations to the 2014 National Hockey Festival Champions:


A: FC United Red 2

B: WC Eagles Blue

C: IFHCK Warriors Select

D: Nook Hockey

E: Xcalibur Gryphons

F: High Voltage

G: High Styx Stampede

H: ADK Capitals

I: Carolina All Stars

J: South Jersey Edge Pink

K: Truth North Academy

L: Hudson Valley

M: PA Mavericks Black

N: NOVA Elite

O: Total Dutch

P: Boston Field Hockey Club

Q: Rob Short Academy

R: Alley Cats



S: WC Eagles

T: Northeast Elite

U: Princeton Field Hockey Club

V: Windy City Flame

W: Aim

X: Jersey Intensity Blue

Y: New Heights Black

Z: South Jersey Edge

YY: Mystx Force

ZZ: Spirit of USA



AA: WC Eagles

BB: Alley Cats

CC: Xcalibur Braveheart

DD: Mystx Burn

EE: Total Dutch Grey

FF: Jersey Intensity


Mixed Adult

  1. True North Platinum
  2. Rockin Red Eagles
  3. Sun Devils


Women’s Open

  1. Red Rose
  2. Detroit Club
  3. Oh Yeah!

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