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Prince's Goal Achieved at Junior World Cup

Aug. 03, 2013, 2:34 p.m. (ET)

Over the duration of four years Hannah Prince, a rising senior at University of Massachusetts, read the word ‘no’ as ‘try again.’  Prince, a Junior and Senior High Performance athlete, has been vying for an opportunity to compete on an international tour since 2009. Although it has been within her grasp, Prince has never made a roster to represent the United States abroad at the Under-21 level.  The soon-to-be college senior had only one more opportunity left to fulfill her goal – the 2013 Junior World Cup in Germany. Not displaying any signs of hesitancy, Prince committed her every action to making that goal a reality by transforming ‘no’ into a sweet and memorable ‘yes.’ 

USA Field Hockey: What were your thoughts heading into Junior National Camp, the final selection opportunity for the Cup?

HP: There is a ton of talent in my age group and year after year that drove me to always push harder. I knew the stakes were even higher because of Junior World Cup and I went into camp thinking I need to leave it all on the table – be confident, be a good leader, have a strong heart and show my love for the game in how I play. For the past four years I haven’t lost sight of trying to accomplish reaching the international stage.  

USA Field Hockey: What kept you pushing?

HP:  I always want to be the best I can be and give myself goals. If it doesn’t happen in the short term it doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish it in the long term. You just need to come up with a plan, stick to it and keep positive.  

USA Field Hockey: What did you work on to earn your spot on the Junior World Cup roster? 

HP:  I chose to live at school last summer which made a big difference for me. I was able to be on the turf every day and lift with the strength coach. I set myself up to never have an off period. I really tried to go the extra mile.

USA Field Hockey: What was your reaction after finding out you were selected to go to Germany?

HP:  Every minute the entire room was refreshing their inbox, checking their email for a confirmation letter. You could feel the anticipation building. When I got that email, the first thing I saw was my college teammate's name, Samantha Carlino, on the list. I ran into her room and jumped into her arms. I called my parents after that. I was just so excited. Knowing that I made my goal and was headed to Germany was one of the best moments.

USA Field Hockey:  What’s it feel like now that you’re at the Junior World Cup? 

HP: It’s incredible. There is such a high energy here.  We’re all driven to give it our all while playing with the love of our country. I’ve learned so much and happy all of the hard work and off hours paid off big.

USA Field Hockey: What do you foresee next in your field hockey career?

HP: I don’t want this to be the last time I play internationally and represent the U.S. I love hockey and want to continue pursuing the game at an elite level. Now that I’ve met this goal I figure I need to set another one. I need to keep challenging myself and keep looking up.