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10 quirky field hockey facts for National Field Hockey Day

Sept. 13, 2012, 11:52 a.m. (ET)

This weekend USA Field Hockey is celebrating the first ever, National Field Hockey Day! The goal of National Field Hockey Day is to increase awareness of field hockey and inspire participation nationwide. USA Field Hockey will be celebrating all weekend long with contests, trivia, and fun on Facebook and Twitter @usafieldhockey. Visit for a list of NCAA college games in your area. Attend a game, pick-up a stick, and have fun!

Today, to kick off the celebration, post old school or vintage field hockey pictures to Facebook or Twitter, mention @USAFieldHockey and #throwbackthursday. USA Field Hockey will post and/or retweet their favorites. A Harrow gift card will be awarded to the best photo!

In honor of the celebration, here are 10 quirky facts about field hockey:


1. Field Hockey is your ticket to college. It is said that field hockey sends more athletes to college with scholarships proportionately than any other sport.

2. At the 2012 London Olympic Games, field hockey was the third most spectated sport. 

3. Men’s field hockey has the fastest swing speed out of any sport, even golf or baseball, at 103 mph.

4. There are no left handed sticks in field hockey and players may use only one side of the stick.

5. Celebrities Heath Ledger, Emma Watson, and Jennifer Lawrence were avid field hockey players growing up.

6. Field hockey is known as simply “hockey” everywhere else in the world.

7. Players travel more than 5 miles during the course of a field hockey match.

8. Field hockey is the national sport of Holland and Holland’s women’s team won the gold medal at this summer’s Olympic Games.

9. Pennsylvania has the highest number of field hockey players in the U.S. 

10. The British Army helped spread field hockey throughout the British Empire, which explains its popularity in India, Pakistan, Australia, and New Zealand.