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2010 Fall Field Hockey Season Rules Briefing

July 15, 2010, 9 a.m. (ET)

WHAT: Online Video Conference for 2010 Rules Briefing 
WHEN: August 4 at 7:00 PM (ET) 
WHO: Players, Coaches, Umpires, Fans 

Join USA Field Hockey on August 4 at 7:00 PM (ET) for the first ever nationally webcasted Rules Briefing. Viewing is opening to everyone. USA Field Hockey membership is not required. For the first time in our sport's history, everyone (high school and college players; high school, college and club coaches; youth, high school, and college umpires; fans and members of the media) can hear the same information at the same time. A live Question and Answer period will be available at the end of the webcast with everyone benefiting from each other's questions and going into the season having heard the exact same answers. 

This is an unprecedented opportunity for every hockey community in the country to finally get on the same page without any regional localization or "level of play" misunderstandings that have contributed to unnecessary inconsistencies in how hockey is governed from area to area, level to level, and even one game to the next. This is the single BEST thing that all players, coaches, and umpires can do to prepare for the traditional fall hockey season. 

The Rules Briefing will cover what is expected from players, umpires, and coaches; rule changes, common misunderstandings, and your questions. 

You can submit questions now, in advance of the webcast, using the Ask The Umpire feature in the RULES section of and during the webcast (contact information will be displayed as part of the production). 

What you need to know to participate in the 2010 Rules Briefing. 
  • Login into any time between NOW and August 4 to set up you FREE account. It is highly suggested you sign up now to ensure easy, trouble free access
  • Your email and password become your account access
  • Once you have an account you may purchase the Briefing or any other future field hockey games or content we are able to offer in this exciting new format
  • Cost of the Rules Briefing program is $10.00 with unlimited, repeat access during the season


  • Everyone hears the same information
  • Regional meetings for Level II Umpires and college coaches and players can be eliminated
  • Regional "interpretation" meetings for high school players and coaches, and umpires only officiating high school games can be enhanced
  • Costs are consolidated (no driving, leaving early from work, getting babysitters, etc., etc.)
  • Once purchased you may access the Rules Briefing program throughout the season
We hope you can join us on August 4th. It is extremely important for the growth and wellbeing of our sport that the entire hockey community log on and hear the same message. Using technology in this way gives the same information to everyone at the same time, maximizing our collective ability to advance hockey at all levels. After you've registered, please tell your friends! For questions on the 2010 Rules Briefing please contact Laura Darling ( For technical questions on the 2010 Rules Briefing please hit the "Help" button on