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Executive Director's Report- Week of January 4

Jan. 04, 2010, 12:10 p.m. (ET)

Executive Director's Report - Week of January 4


By Steven Locke

This will be the first of many weekly reports you will be receiving during my tenure. I produced a weekly report while I was with both USA Water Ski and USA Triathlon, and the process seemed to work. The idea behind a weekly report is to provide you the information of the week both good and not so good on a timely basis. You are entitled to know what is going on; I believe in transparency; and sometimes the report helps to stimulate a little conversation...which is always helpful to me. I come into this position as an outsider to this sport, but a person who is pretty familiar with the Olympic movement, the personalities of the USOC and the other affiliate NGBs, and practicalities of funding, which are fundamental to the running of an NGB. What I don't have is a good understanding of the culture of this sport. So, your help will be appreciated, especially if it comes from a perspective of this sport's universality.

I started yesterday, but have been in discussions prior to Monday with various Board members, especially Jim Johnson (who has devoted considerable time in orientation sessions...thank you, Jim), Billie Ahluwalia (Board member and Chair of the Finance Committee), with Heather Lewis (Heather served magnificently as acting COO), and Janet Paden (CFO). My first day was spent mostly with Janet in reviewing financial documents including contracts, the financials she is producing each month, and the 2010 budget. I understand from Jim, Billie, and others that 2009 was a financial struggle. Throughout this year and beyond, Janet, Jim, Billie and I will be measuring financial success and reporting to you through these reports. Financial topics along with other hopefully interesting items will comprise the reports.

Tomorrow I am off to the National Field Hockey Coaches Association. I am looking forward to getting underway in meeting the people of field hockey. I have a long time friend who serves on both the USOC and IOC boards. She is Anita DeFrantz. Anita was a rower in her athletic days, but she has considerable knowledge of all Olympic sports. When I let her know of my appointment and how I was excited to get underway, she mentioned that field hockey was the first hockey, it outdates ice hockey, so it legitimately should be known as hockey. So, she says I am about to get to know the people of hockey.

Have a great week!

Steven Locke
CEO/Executive Director