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USA Field Hockey Weekly Report-Week of December 20, 2010

Dec. 21, 2010, 1:27 p.m. (ET)

Week of December 20, 2010


USA Field Hockey Weekly Report-Week of December 20, 2010  

It has all of a sudden swept up on us; the Holiday season and the New Year are approaching.
But, the business of USA Field Hockey continues. Several weeks ago the weekly report referred to fees established during the USA Field Hockey Board of Directors’ meeting held in Phoenix.  This section of the report continues on with Board activity particularly as it applies to USA Field Hockey clubs.

Clubs are ultimately the primary opportunity to nurture growth in the entire sport. For that reason, we established what will be the new USA Field Hockey National Club Championship for U19 and U17 to be held in its inaugural year in Richmond, Virginia’s SportsQuest. We see that championship to be evolving as time passes. Qualifiers will be added, and more levels of the championship will be included (i.e. U15; Post Collegiate, and Men).

Since the emphasis is on clubs, we have worked toward increasing insurance benefits to comprehensively protect clubs. For instance, beginning in 2011, all USA Field Hockey member clubs will receive the benefit of General Liability and Participant Accident (Excess Medical & AD&D benefits) insurance in connection with field hockey games, tournaments, practices, camps, clinics, and related or incidental activities that are sanctioned or approved by USA Field Hockey. This insurance will also extend to all club sponsored or supervised activities, such as club or team meetings, banquets, and approved fundraising events, such as bake sales, car washes and other similiar activities. It is a great comprehensive benefit and there is no added cost for the additional protection. There is a caveat though. It has been a requirement for all club members to be members of USA Field Hockey for quite some time. However in the past, USA Field Hockey did not enforce that requirement. It will continue to be a requirement in 2011, but will now be enforced to ensure that we are in compliance with membership and waiver & release requirements on the insurance front. 

All in all, clubs come out  big winners and we intend to continue working toward their development through future enhancements. For those of you involved in club creation, administration, and participation, we owe you much as the sport continues to grow throughout the country.

2011 Futures registration is complete. Registration closed on December 15th, and we are  looking forward to another excellent year of training and instructions for our athletes.  There are 109 venues that support 156 Futures sites and we are excited higher levels of participation in development regions. We have 18 Futures Level I courses scattered across the USA this month and next month to train our 500+ coaches in preparation for the start of Futures.  However, USA Field Hockey will continue taking athlete registrations through the end of the month for those cases that are considered extenuating. You may wish to inquire by emailing Futures at

USA Field Hockey completes its Strategic Plan. Last week we announced the completion of USA Field Hockey’s strategic plan. The plan runs through 2020, and is quite ambitious. Much of the plan was derived through input that came out of a series of Town-Hall meetings earlier this year and an extensive membership survey. The plan’s completion was announced last Wednesday through a USA Field Hockey news-release as seen below:

USA Field Hockey Announces Strategic Plan

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – USA Field Hockey’s 2011-2020 Long Term Strategic Plan was announced today. Developed by the Board of Directors, the Strategic Plan will help guide USA Field Hockey over the next nine years and place USA Field Hockey in a position of prominence, innovation and influence. Final approval of the plan was given at the Board of Directors meeting held in Phoenix, Arizona over Thanksgiving weekend.

Through member surveys and a series of Town Hall meetings attended by members, athletes, parents, coaches and officials, the apparent needs and wants of the Association were consistently communicated. Considering the mission of USA Field Hockey, the ambitious direction of the long-term strategic plan prioritizes three fundamental objectives: Supporting the Promise for High Performance excellence, cultivating infinite Possibility within our sport, culturally and financially, and sustaining our Future with an investment in developing umpires and coaches.

With 2020 in mind, USA Field Hockey will concentrate on the following strategic goals:

1.Improve and maintain competitive excellence on the international stage.

2. Foster a presence in the international community.

3. Enhance sport development with increased playing opportunities for all participants in all disciplines.

4. Increase membership within all age groups and both genders.

5. Generate awareness of our sport.

6. Operate as a self-sustaining and responsible National Governing Body.

7. Preparation and education of umpires and coaches at all levels.

“The strategic plan process used by USA Field Hockey focused on inclusion of all hockey constituencies. The result is a document legitimately identifying a path that will guide the organization through 2020. It is a living document and will be subject to annual review and adjustments as we move the organization forward. I especially want to thank Heather Lewis for her hard work and leadership in preparing this important document,” said Jim Johnson, Chair of USA Field Hockey’s Board of Directors.

The 2011-2020 Long Term Strategic Plan can be viewed on our website at under USAFH, corporate documents.

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Have a great week, and Happy Holidays!!