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Executive Director's Report- Week of April 19

April 19, 2010, 1:26 p.m. (ET)

Executive Director's Report - Week of April 19

Posted: April 20, 2010

By Steve Locke

This week’s report is filled with a bunch of short hitters. Here we go:
A big thanks is extended to Allan Woods.
Allan has been around field hockey for many, many years, and has great passion for the sport and everyone involved. He is moving to smaller digs, and is sending to us, on a regular basis, some very significant archive materials dealing with
hockey through the years. We received several boxes last week and are anticipating several more in the near future. Allan is quite careful on recording what he is sending. Each box is routinely indexed with the material found inside. And, it is indeed rare. Every sport should maintain archive material from the past for library and museum use, and Allan is contributing heartily to ours. Thank you, Allan!
I am a little disappointed. After receiving well over 300 responses to the article pertaining to membership cards several weeks ago, and then developing a contest with pretty good prize packages for the winning entry in designing a potential membership card (a full kit from USA Field Hockey sponsor ASICS and a DITA stick from another major USA Field Hockey sponsor), we have received limited entries to date. There is good-deal stuff to be won. You have until May 1, 2010, to submit your entry to USA Field Hockey’s David Miller (, and we will announce the winner in the May 17th USA Field Hockey Weekly Report.
Last week I traveled to San Diego’s Chula Vista Olympic Training Center to spend quality time with USA Field Hockey’s Technical Director of High Performance Terry Walsh, Lee Bodimeade, Women’s National Team Coach and Nick Conway, Coach of the Men’s National Team. The time was well spent. During our recent FIH Women’s World Cup Qualifier, we had a stumble and fell to a good Korean team. We fell even though our team was fitter, maneuvered better throughout the contest, but just couldn’t score after many opportunities. Lee, Terry and Nick (as well as the team) have identified the flaw and have developed a creative new approach that we think will render success if the team is resilient and willing to work hard (they always have in the past; no reason to think this will be different). The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has also been brought into play and the USOC is endorsing the new approach. There are several paths to qualify for the London Olympic Games, and the guys (and, team) have identified the various options and contingencies for along the way. Over the span of the next couple of years, it will be fun to watch as the plan unfolds.
Likewise with the men, Nick has developed a forward thinking plan to build the pool of men participating in the sport. One of the impediments USA Field Hockey has experienced is what seems to be a small pool of men participating. Nick certainly has recognized that as an issue, and even within his locale has taken steps to help remedy the problem. Last week in La Jolla, CA, Nick initiated a high school program involving forty students. He will develop that program and stick with it to endeavor building a corps of boys in the sport in the Southern California region. His program will be a great prototype for development and will somewhat mirror the programs Ben Maruquin has been carrying on in the Los Angeles area for the last few years. Ben’s program has been running with some financial assistance from the field hockey Men’s Foundation, USA Field Hockey and the LA84 Foundation.

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Finally, “I’d rather be a football coach. That way you only lose 11 games a year.” –Basketball coach Abe Lemon

Have a great week!