Guest players will be accepted for the 2022 National Indoor Tournament, presented by YOLO Sportswear. Below is a list of all available athletes looking to participate with a team. If you are an athlete looking to get added to this list, please fill out the form by clicking here.

**Being added to this list does not guarantee a placement on a team. If you have been contacted by a team or wish to be removed please email

If you are a club that picks up a guest player, please email USA Field Hockey the player that you contacted so that we can remove him/her from the list.

 Name  Gender  Position  Club  Email
 Morgan Bilger  Female   Forward/Midfield/Defense  Marojoka
 Emily Curtain  Female  Forward/Midfield  Freedom HKY
 Evelyn Good  Female  Midfield/Defense  Tigers Field Hockey
 Kinsley Erb  Female  Midfield/Defense  PA Power
 Paige Hamilton  Female  Forward/Midfield/Defense  Marojoka
 Madicine Kern  Female  Forward  CNY
 Macy Oswald  Female   Forward
 Hendrik Pham  Male  Forward/Midfield/Defense  Metro HC
 Alexis Schultz   Female  Forward  CNY
Magdalena Walton  Female  Goalkeeper  Phoenix Performance Academy

 Name  Gender  Position  Club  Email
 Sam Bekker  Male  Midfield  Texas Pride
 Gary Weyers  Male  Forward/Midfield  Washington Wolves

 Name  Position  Club  Email
 Sofia Borrelli  Defense

 Name  Position  Club  Email

 Name  Position  Gender  Email
 Gabrielle Bruce  Forward/Defense  Female
 Drea Chin  Forward/Midfield  Female
 Theresa Delahanty  Forward/Midfield/Defense  Female
 Erin Flynn  Goalkeeper  Female
 Sanjay Kodali  Defense  Male
 Maria Kovalchuk  Forward/Midfield  Female
 Taylor Striar  Goalkeeper  Female