FIH Hockey Pro League


Oct. 28, 2022 - July 05, 2023

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) and the FIH Hockey Pro League participating nations have agreed on a new schedule for the fourth season of FIH’s global league celebrating ‘Hockey at its Best’.

The season, which will run from October 28, 2022 to July 5, 2023, will be divided into a series of date blocks, agreed by all parties, to assist with international and domestic competition planning, within which “mini-tournaments” will be played where several teams will gather in one venue to play two matches against each other.

This move will have a major positive impact on players’ welfare and the environment, thanks to a substantial reduction in the amount of travel needed for each team and the officials. Another great advantage of this revised format is that it increases the number of dates available for athletes to compete in their domestic leagues and club competitions.

For the first season with this new schedule, matches will be hosted in the following seven nations:  Australia, Argentina, Belgium, England, India, the Netherlands and New Zealand.