Guest players will be accepted for the 2022 National Hockey Festival. Below is a list of all available athletes looking to participate with a team. If you are an athlete looking to get added to this list, please fill out this form by clicking here.

**Being added to this list does not guarantee a placement on a team. If you have been contacted by a team or wish to be removed please email

If you are a club that picks up a guest player, please email USA Field Hockey the athlete that you contacted so that we can remove her from the list.

 Name  Gender  Position  Club  Email

 Name  Gender  Position  Club  Email
 Brooke Harting  Female  Forward  WC Eagles
 Caroline Hilton  Female  Midfield  Carolina All Stars
 Eleanor Idone  Female  Midfield  New York H.C.
 Aberlee Steiner  Female  Goalkeeper  Colorado Bears
 Kate Stone  Female  Midfield/Defense  Carolina All Stars

 Name  Gender  Position  Club  Email
 Ariela Gertner  Female  Defense  High Voltage 
 Eleanor Idone Female  Midfield/Defense  New York H.C.
 Aberlee Steiner  Female  Goalkeeper  Colorado Bears
 Henry Walker  Male  Forward  South West England Regional Team & Bude

 Name  Position  Club  Email
 Taylor Akers  Goalkeeper  Hammers FHC
 Eleanor Idone  Midfield/Defense  New York H.C.
 Aberlee Steiner  Goalkeeper  Colorado Bears

 Name  Position  Club  Email
 Eleanor Idone  Midfield  New York H.C.
 Aberlee Steiner  Goalkeeper  Colorado Bears

 Name  Position  Club  Email
 Elma Arsalan  Forward/Midfield  Rob Short Academy
 Kaya Bhandari  Midfield  Windy City
 Isabella Elm   Forward/Midfield  Pittsburgh Venom
 Zoe Hausler  Forward/Midfield  San Francisco FHC
 Ayla Lagasse  Forward/Midfield  Coastal Portland
 Lente Meijaard  Forward  MHC Alliance, Heemstede
 Agustina Miranda Waigand  Goalkeeper  Meerkats
 Autumn Montalbano  Forward/Defense  Strong Island
 Anna Pendse  Forward  Vipers
Charissa Yerger  Forward  Highstyx

 Name  Position  Club  Email
 Angad Dhami  Utility  Lightning Youth FH

 Name  Position  Club  Email
 JoAnna Cox  Goalkeeper  IFHCK
 Ava McCarthy  Goalkeeper  Spirit of USA
 Alysa Lagasse  Forward/Midfield  Coastal FH
 Lente Meijaard   Forward  MHC Alliance, Heemsted
 Autumn Montalbano  Forward/Defense  Strong Island
 Grace Nigolian  Forward
 Farley O'Brien  Goalkeeper  Red Knots FHC
 Anna Stock  Forward

 Name  Gender  Position  Email
 Amir Akhtar  Male  Forward/Midfield
 Angad Dhami  Male  Utility
 Andrea Finfrock  Female  Forward/Defense
 Katymay Malone  Female  Forward
 Savannah Schisler  Female  Midfield/Defense
 Alex Sopelak  Female  Midfield/Defense
 Kristin Steiner  Female  Forward

 Name  Position  Email
 Ava Clarke  Midfield
 Cassandra Daggett  Midfield
 Andrea Finfrock  Forward/Defense
 Katymay Malone  Forward
 Savannah Schisler  Midfield/Defense
 Alex Sopelak  Midfield/Defense
 Kristin Steiner  Forward