Guest players will be accepted for the 2021 National Hockey Festival. Below is a list of all available athletes looking to participate with a team. If you are an athlete looking to get added to this list, please fill out this form by clicking here.

**Being added to this list does not guarantee a placement on a team. If you have been contacted by a team or wish to be removed please email

If you are a club that picks up a guest player, please email USA Field Hockey the athlete that you contacted so that we can remove her from the list.

 Name  Position  Gender  Email
 Adelaide Ayers  Forward/Midfield/Defense  Female
 Gabriella Ensani  Forward/Midfield/Defense  Female
 Vivienne Lieberman  Forward/Midfield/Defense  Female

 Name  Position  Email
 Adelaide Ayers  Midfield
 Gabriella Ensani  Anywhere
 Maryann Nunn  Forward/Midfield

 Name  Position  Email
 Adelaide Ayers  Anywhere
 Gabriella Ensani  Anywhere
 Maryann Nunn  Forward/Midfield

 Name  Position  Email
 Olivia Allen  Defense
 Julia Cavallo  Forward/Midfield
 Callie Dieffenbacher  Midfield/Defense
 Alisha Gadaginmath  Goalkeeper
 Sanjana Gadaginmath   Forward/Midfield
 Jessica Lewis  Midfield/Defense
 Harleem Madahar  Forward
 Autumn Montalbano  Forward/Midfield/Defense
 Ashley Nau  Goalkeeper
 Samantha Jayne Norman  Forward/Midfield/Defense
 Teagan O'Donnell  Forward/Midfield
 Lillian Post  Defense/Midfield
 Tessa Riediger  Forward/Midfield
 Sarah Smalley  Midfield/Defense
 Lindsey Turner  Forward

 Name  Position  Email

 Name  Position  Email
 Elizabeth Assimes  Forward
 Millie Bjork  Midfield
 Olivia Briongos  Midfield/Defense
 Meredith Cannon  Midfield/Defense
 Maggie Cass  Goalkeeper
 Ellen Clowes  Midfield
 Callie Dieffebacher  Midfield/Defense
 Ella Fahey   Goalkeeper
 Alisha Gadaginmath  Goalkeeper
 Samantha Hall  Goalkeeper 
 Morgan Hanson  Forward/Midfield
 Autumn Montalbano  Midfield/Defense
 Grace Nigolian  Forward/Midfield
 Sara O'Donnell  Forward/Midfield
 Molly O'Hair  Midfield/Defense
 Lauren Odonald   Goalkeeper
 Laura Salamanca  Midfield
 Kiersten Schilk  Goalkeeper
 Kadee Schrader   Goalkeeper
 Meadow Shields  Midfield
 Aaisha Taha  Forward/Midfield
 Bella Hallie Villavechia-Bailey   Goalkeeper

 Name  Gender  Position  Email
 Amir Akhtar  Male  Forward/Midfield
 Michael Barminski  Male  Midfield
 Deb De Lucca  Female  Defense
 Sam Gower-Jackson  Female  Forward/Midfield
 Stuart Gower-Jackson  Male   Midfield
 Courtney Hazy  Female  Midfield
 Richard Jagedo  Male  Forward/Defense
 Katymay Malone  Female  Forward

 Name  Position  Email
 Deb De Lucca  Defense
 Lauren Ineson  Forward/Midfield
 Hannah Lott  Forward/Midfield/Defense
 Katymay Malone  Forward
 Christina Paster  Forward/Midfield/Defense