How To Register



For a video demonstrating the entire registration process, scroll to the bottom of the page.

  1. Log in to Webpoint using your club admin username and password.
  2. Click “All USAFH Events”.
  3. Scroll down to and select “2020 National Indoor Tournament Qualifiers” in the December 2019 section.
  4. Scroll down and select “Register Now!
  5. Select which division you would like to register a team under.  *Please note that if you have multiple teams, or multiple teams in multiple divisions, that you will be able to come back to this screen to register the additional teams later.
  6. In the new window, select “Register Now!
  7. Within the Team drop down menu, select a team name for which you are registering.  If you do not see a team name in the drop down menu and you would like to add a new one, select “Add a team” to create a new name.
  8. Scroll down and select your first site preference.  Be sure you are selecting the desired division, date and location.  After your first site preference is selected, it will automatically load preference availability for your second site and third preference site after the second is selected. You will not complete this step for NIT Registrations, only for NITQ Registrations.
  9. Next, rate your team’s skill level and years of experience via the drop downs.

    Note On Site Preferences:
    USA Field Hockey will do their best to give each team their top site preference. A max of two teams per club will be allowed at any given 16-team tournament location. Once placements are made USA Field Hockey will not coordinate any site adjustments.

    Note On Team Ratings:
    Team ratings will be used to help create pools. Pools will be snaked starting with the highest rated teams. If you do not know what your team rating is at this time you may leave these boxes blank. However, if you leave these blank and do not submit a rating to the National Office via email 17 days before the weekend of your qualifier we will assume your team a 2.5 rating in skill and 2.5 years of experience.

  10. Click Continue.
  11. On the new page, you have the option to pay for the current registration you had been working on, register another team, or finish and pay.
    1. If you are registering for one team please select “Pay for this registration now” to advance to the payment screen.
    2. If you choose to select “Register another team”, your preferences for the current registration will be saved and a window will pop up that you are continuing without having paid the submitted registration.  Click “OK”.
  12. To register additional teams, select “Register another Team” in the new window and follow steps 5-10.
  13. Once all teams are registered, select “Finish and Pay” when prompted.
  14. Check boxes for all registrations you would like to pay for at this time and click “Continue”.
  15. All team registrations with Unpaid/Pending status will not have their site placements reserved for them and will remain available for other teams looking to register.
  16. Fill out credit card information and click “Submit”.  A receipt for all your team registrations will be sent to you
  17. You have successfully completed your team registration!

Note On Payment:

Paying for a team your club cannot fill will result in the forfeit for the full registration fee for each registered team that your club cannot fill.



If you have any questions on this registration process please contact Ryan Hickey at