USA Field Hockey and Sport iD Partnership:

USA Field Hockey is excited to announce a strategic partnership with SPORT iD, the free player safety app. 

The SPORT iD app allows youth sports organizations to access vital player information in seconds in the event of an emergency. SPORT iD, which is free to players, parents and sports organizations, also provides a universal check-in process for players and parents that includes player verification, emergency contact information and medical history such as allergies, previous injuries and existing conditions. Parents can upload birth certificates and player passes in addition to signing required waivers through the app for immediate delivery to any desired organization, league or coach.

League officials, trainers and coaches can access this information quickly and easily from their mobile device. This paperless system improves response time during emergencies. It also allows organizations to better manage field operations and helps with necessary insurance reporting and post-event bookkeeping.

“Our app is designed to provide national governing organizations like USA Field Hockey with a better system for their members to communicate with event organizers in the interest of their child’s safety,” said Tony Lowe, SPORT iD Co-Founder and owner of the Snipers Lacrosse youth all-star program. “From my years of experience, participation information is rarely accessible on site and with partners like USA Field Hockey, we are helping organizations fill this void. Our player safety app can help make youth sports safer.”

Please click this link to visit the Sport iD website and learn more about how to sign up!