Guest players will be accepted for Festival 2017. Below is a list of all available athletes looking to participate with a team. If you are an athlete looking to get added to this list please contact Madeline Hoeppner at If you are a club that picks up a guest player please email us the player that you contacted so that we can remove them from this list!

 Renee Hoevers U-19 Forward
 Caitlin Keim U-19 Forward/Midfield 
 Grace Biddle U-19 GK
Allison McElveny U-19 Forward/Midfield
Isabelle Benoit U-16 Forward/Midfield 
 Zikora Irono  U-16  Defender 
 Maryam Maamoun U-16 GK 
 Erin McGinley U-16 Forward 
 Meghan McGinley U-16 Midfield/Forward 
 Zoe Foldesi U-16  Midfield/Defense 
 Sarah McGarrity U-16  Defense/Midfield
 Hallie Reiger U-19 GK 
Erin Hughes  Women's Open 
 Abbie Ashcraft  U-19  Defense 
 Christina Bourantas U-19  Midfield
 Meagan Maguire U-16  GK 
 Nicole Simpao Women's Open  Midfield
 Avery Potter U-19 Midfield/Defense 
Lanie Herlocher U-12 
 Tristan Britcher  U-19 GK
 Valentina Ganocy U-12
 Kyra Reyes U-16  Defense/Midfield 
 Mary Davies  Women's Open  Forward
 Raychel Reger  Women's Open (Not Goalie)

 Gertjan van Veldhuizen  Women's Open